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> be french developer
> go to a cafe
> put wine and baguette in respective holders
> enjoy the accordion music
> get out your ordinateur portable
> load up your logiciel libre
> disque dur is out of octets
> ask the local mime to buy you some

the last thing you see before richard stallman kills you

yuri is too lewd for my timeline

pawoo lolis is one thing but I'm a god fearing woman and I don't wanna go to hell

i think im cursed with forgetting to add one word in otherwise quality posts

THIS mother complex son of a bitch IS FUCKING LOADS OF MILFS because of a bunch of rocks and basically you're fucking stupid

How? ...Just play this free game

Nothing better than drinking a pint in a hot shower

Trying to guide my parents on holiday in England with my husband @DetectiveHyde@toot.love is like a le american bear comic

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