Life is good when your internet connection at home is crippled to a point where even receiving an email takes half a minute, right? Right? :blob_cry:

@Vexatos from what I've heard, in the 90s, when everyone was on dialup modems, that was normal. But it's definitely not OK if you're the only one with such slow connection, and people make 100KB JS files and expect you to download them.

@Wolf480pl It seems to be a local issue, a technician is coming tomorrow. Let's hope it won't take weeks to fix.

@Vexatos used to have ADSL at my family house, before there was fiber in the village. It was cool because it was trivial to use my own router, but 4Mbit/s was the fastest it could get without becoming unstable.

@Wolf480pl There is no such thing as fibre over here.

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