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The state of a quantum mechanical system is completely specified by a function Ψ(r, t) that depends on the coordinates of the particle(s) and on time. This function, called the wave function or state function, has the important property that Ψ* Ψ ∂V is the probability that the particle lies in the volume element ∂V located at r at time t.

Today, I reinstalled Mint on the brand new SSD I put in my laptop, and then spent three hours reinstalling all the software I need. I am clearly not used to this.

In other news, I am a Bachelor of Science now.

Just submitted my first proper Julia package - It's 14 lines of code.

It's the same feeling as fixing a bug after weeks of trying to reproduce it.

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When you finally get usable results after 3 weeks of not getting anywhere :blobmelt:

What could be more exciting than waiting 30 minutes for a centrifuge to finish? That's right: Doing it three times in a row!

Friendly reminder that chemistry is cool.

The whole thing is biased since some of the options can make use of all four cores of the CPU I used while others can't. I think it's still interesting to look at, though.

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I used a 1.2GB tar file that contained both compressible and incompressible sections, so I got moderately good compression ratios.

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When @kurisu asks a simple question and you are so bored that it turns into six hours of benchmarking - Here's my very own highly unreliable chart on various compression options on zstd and lrzip. Please don't cite it.

Getting a new avatar does feel refreshing.

Life is good when your internet connection at home is crippled to a point where even receiving an email takes half a minute, right? Right? :blob_cry:

Digging through your oldest GitHub repositories really makes you feel nostalgic.

"Stardust and the Origin of Life" is a really odd name for a lecture until you realize that the lecturer is an astrochemist.

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