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I'm woke but also drained from the night terror

fuck it gonna try to sleep again and if I have another night terror hahahahfjeooendnf I don't know what I'll do

I think the worst part of having night terrors is the part where you "wake up" inside of the dream like 18 times but you're still asleep

I don't even want to sleep anymore lord almighty

okay good night niu

i couldn't sleep earlier but now i try to big sleep

you ever see a girl that's so perfect and beautiful you have no words?

i did, and her name is death 😍

instead of playing dfo, you should be studying MOIST YOU DUMB IDIOT YOU HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW

seriously though 42 hours to finish some god damn chocolate


tfw i'm sitting here shitposting on other sites and a discord friend request spooks the fuck out of me

if i had a stand, it wouldn't even fight or anything

all it'd do is judge my life choices

send me pictures of my wife

makise kurisu

no lewd pls i'm 8

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