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TurboMoistᵘʷᵘ @TurboMoist@niu.moe

I can't stop grinding Girls Frontline help

so I just watched that JoJo live action movie

it wasn't that bad, but the pacing was rushed. the CGI wasn't that bad either, not the anime adaptation but it's tolerable

I've learned my body doesn't even know what a full night's sleep is, it just takes a series of naps until it's had enough

how many naps must my body take until it is satisfied

@gucci_mage I don't drink coffee that often, so i think i'll be fine

@Cronurd yeah i just throw on some music and go into autopilot for a the entirety of the essay and hope something good comes out of it

usually it does, i go over it at the end of everything make some slight edits here and there, works fine. music definitely helps. thanks for the tips btw!

with every sentence i write, i want to rewrite it better but i can't make it any better than i had originally wrote it

i'm so over-analytical and calculating and it's upsetting me

also probably a perfectionist to some degree


@dd86k yeah that's a hard pass

i'll deal with it, i like windows 7

@rye ok we can play games, i might be getting a switch soon

i have a job now, i start tuesday