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TurboMoistᵘʷᵘ @TurboMoist@niu.moe

I don't really have anyone like that unfortunately.

@Nightingalle some people need hugs more!!

i just don't notice i need one a lot of the time because i'm always alone lmao

@rye rye please i need this more than anything i've ever needed in my life

@Nightingalle ah, thank you a lot

sometimes, i don't even know when i need a hug;;;

@Nightingalle god i need to get those sleeping pills, i have yet to go so i still haven't been sleeping too well

here's hoping my good night's rest starts tomorrow though!!

@Nightingalle ah! i'm glad! enjoy yourself today, kouhai!

(sorry i lowkey passed out at my desk lmao)

@Nightingalle it was okay! nothing too special. how was your sleep?

if world embryo gets an anime adaptation i'll do a legitimate face reveal