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I am playing AC Syndicate again

I love this game a lot, probably my second favorite in the series right behind AC2

I can't stop grinding Girls Frontline help

so I just watched that JoJo live action movie

it wasn't that bad, but the pacing was rushed. the CGI wasn't that bad either, not the anime adaptation but it's tolerable

I've learned my body doesn't even know what a full night's sleep is, it just takes a series of naps until it's had enough

how many naps must my body take until it is satisfied

with every sentence i write, i want to rewrite it better but i can't make it any better than i had originally wrote it

i'm so over-analytical and calculating and it's upsetting me

also probably a perfectionist to some degree


I'm trying to write a short paper for my english final

i've drank so much caffeine that my eyes are unfocusing constantly

send helkp

hi I'm TurboMoist and I think I'm going to die because of finals week

my mental state is exactly like my tempered glass on my phone. it's extremely broken and pieces are falling off because of me

>gf and I watch the Iron Giant last night
>it's my absolute favorite movie and she loves it too
>we go on about Marvel
>she hasn't seen the entire MCU movies
>I have
>really love Marvel too, she agrees to watch the entire backlog of the MCU movies
>tfw i'm this lucky

so my gf decided to make an edit to my fediverse ID (her edits are in red)

help it's inaccurate now

may as well fucking sleep at this point, lord it's getting worse

hopefully sleeping it off will help some, good night niu