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gosh why did i fall in love with someone so out of my league

Soooo.. I made a Discord server for comfy chatting etc, anyone wanna join? I look for admins too


I feel like I slept a lot but also like I didn't sleep enough


all in all, I'm having fun with The Evil Within

on chapter 10 and still no idea what the fuck I'm doing lmao

ohayo gozaimasu kyo wa ramen o sukirimasu

tanoshi desu ne? ja hajimashou

I wonder if there's a universe where I'm funny

I took the time to loop this dumb thing, I hope I get a good grade cuz I wrote this in like an hour or two oof

I'm supposed to make this C++ project loop after every action is finished, since it acts like a bank, but how many points would he actually remove if I didn't make it loop

garsh it's raining super hard out of nowhere

I'm sure that's true in an alternate timeline, not this one tho