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"what are you learning about in flight mechanics?"

Why'd I get blocked for my love of wrestling? :(

Start my senior year today. Can't wait to get to use all the powers seniors get like being able to teleport to your old teachers' rooms mid-period to wish them a good day and go in the secret sports gear room.

cream soda is the most delicious beverage designed by man

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Disney world has the hottest japanese girls in the summer wtaf

I am on an airplane. Where is big mike going?

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hit my overwatch season goal of hitting diamond, improved my average SR by like 400 over the course of the past month or so

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id bling blao the fuck out of that fate girl i keep seein on twitter n shit

he was also like level 1900 which blows my mind, ive had this game since launch and im only like 605

i met the nicest guy on overwatch today, dude was a disabled vet and support main and we queued up for a few hours

went like 3-4 but he was chill so i dont care

Big news guys, just got sponsored by hormone replacement gaming

you ever think its crazy that you know something that someone else will never ever know

like if i didnt post this out rn nobody in the history of earth will know that im typing this at this very moment

hi im a twitter comic artist i make funky and relatable content donate to my patreon

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