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Michael @TroglodyteMike@niu.moe

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by the way it's fluorine and fluoride not flourine/ide you idiot do we call it flower-ine I THINK NOT

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euch. my head is fucking spinning.

bro how did they catch the first pet bird

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day 6, big mike is still on european time zones

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big mike got himself into a real sticky situation this time, folks..

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LOL this new game mode is kind of insane

we are all controlled by something greater...

girls could be looking like aphrodite herself and be like "im so uglyy"

got a tin of caviar in the refrigerator and i dont have anything to eat it with but i kinda just want to eat it with my hands

hey guys bully hunter 76 here

The FIRST ROUND INCINEROAR PICKS have postponed the match to later today...