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Troglodyte Mike

so apparently b is a fucking boost hotkey in this website

50% of the world's cannabis market goes to my high school's bathroom stalls

i've changed a LOT since 2014 (punk ass to alpha male) but ive got this one friend whos barely any different and it freaks me out

im a chill guy and all but insult my weapon accuracy on pharah and ill kick your ass with my bare hands

remember when the models for the mega latis were leaked and everyone thought that they were unfinished but it turned out that gamefreak just made them ugly as shit

wew im delusionally tired

as soon as i finish this BOMB ASS sandwich im fucking sleeping like a baby

When i get back from the post office im gonna fucking FAINT

the lack of sleep finally caught up

Spilled salad dressing all over my shit by the way THIS is why im a carnivore all yalls veggie bullshit can miss me

55 minutes until designated nap period i can do it

That business law class only has 10 ppl it's friend making time u know me as a tough as nails cocoon but get ready to see the social butterfly

listen i dont mean 2 be rude but if you find the study of calculus enjoyable in any way shape or form i aint touchin u with a 22 foot long cross soaked in holy water

EDIT 12:22: A 35$ loss
EDIT 13:15: a 21$ loss
EDIT 14:02: a 45$ loss
EDIT 15:61: a 5$ loss
EDIT 17:00: a 30$ loss

*listens to queen once*

Damn... i was born in tbe wrong generation.... today's music sucks....

as much as i prefer the taste of milky coffee i find espresso shots so much better for energy

it's a bit odd that I get so assblasted when i lose to RNG yet play PUBG AND pokemon heavily

i've got a new class to look forward to tomorrow at least. entrepreneurship class ended but i'll be taking business law now

all nighter starter pack:

homeless man beard
dishes on desk
existential thoughts on deck