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@micahilbery I've enjoyed this instance but I wanted a different username and a mastodon profile to put out there for potential employers and a "moe" account doesn't exactly screem professional :laughing_cirno:

Hey erybody I moved my account again to @micahilbery if you want to keep following me do so there. I plan on deleting this account in a few weeks.

Content isn't "free" when there are ads. The longer I work in advertising, the more this idea that content w/ads is "Free" bothers me. It's not free at all. You're paying for it with your time and attention to sponsored content, and how that content then drives you to take actions. It's not "free."

Time to get real. @elementary AppCenter has been a success, but it's not yet a sustainable source of income for our ever-growing community of third-party app developers. We have some thoughts (and actions) to try and make that a reality.

medium.com/elementaryos/about- mastodon.rocks/media/jmxnrBDBV

Schools: please stop using proprietary formats that aren’t even supported by the companies that own them.

I made the mistake of engaging on /r/linux. People, we're all on the same side here and want to see Linux continue to rock. Why do we have to just immediately devolve into name calling and insults?

I've neglected my dribbble since I got drafted so I put up the recent laptop icon I made for @elementary up there. I need to put some of my web stuff up there too.


It's officially official: *Dippi is out!*

This is the app I was teasing to calculate DPI. It does that _plus_ analyzes the display and tells you if it's Cassidy-approved or not. Looking to buy a new display? Punch in a few numbers and know right away if it's a good idea. Wondering if a laptop is a smart resolution or going to be a pain? Find out!


Huge thanks to Daniel Foré for his encouragement to code (and his apps to learn from!), Micah Ilbery for the dope icons, and David Jordan for help with the DPI ranges.

Hopefully some people find this useful. :) If not, hopefully this article is still an interesting read about how the app works!

Okay, I get that part of the allure of Mastodon is “it’s Twitter before it got bad,” but…

Can some great Android client please add link previews?

Preview-less links seem extremely weirdly technical and kinda useless.

If your a developer making apps for @elementary and have a little trouble with your icon design check out my icon templates. This aims to make things easier and go a little faster when making icons that follow the elementary HIG.


おはようございます 🌞

Tusky 1.3.0 is out! 🎉
We put many new features and even more bugfixes in it. ☺
Unfortunately we also had to reduce notification polling to 15 minutes because Android 8 does not support a shorter interval. But notifications are now more reliable on Android 8.

Check out the release notes: