@TomataOHare Yeah I basically stick to Local honestly. Occasionally I venture out into federated, but it generally just feels like madness flowing past you.

@Bitshift All i usually see is a bunch of Japanese(???) text, loli stuff, Maybe a cool picture of some 3D modeled aircraft or something.

Its madness.

@TomataOHare Federated timeline is basically a direct hose of all the instances not blocked where people are saying something publicly on their instance.

It's a bit much, I don't like it, but I tend to like Niu - hence why I stick to Local. :blobtea:

Local is just from this instance (only other Niu users).

@TomataOHare Ah seems like you might've already known all that - I'm getting confused and am unsure who is new and who is not right now. :blobboo: Sorry for explaining something you probably already knew then...

Anyways, yeah - cursed is a good word for it lol

@Bitshift I did but i didn't wanna be rude and waste all the time you took explaining it to me. :^)

It slows down my crappy computer at work too.

@Azazer You should get back to work before you get reported.

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