Morning bun! :bun:

Gunbreaker might just be the FFXIV class that gets me interested in tanking... :thinknyan:


American Deli's hamburgers are OP.

They're super big and really good. They even give me hot and crispy french fries every time without fail.

I just wanna eat oranges, drink alcohol, and play games all day everyday.

I'm not dead. just very inactive for no real reason.

I could have done better but its been a long time since i played in a online tournament for GG.

I used to be really nervous whenever i joined one of these but i guess that's not a problem anymore.

I can't believe I'm actually watching anime again after so many years.

But to be fair, I'm just watching a bunch of 80s and 90s stuff so its way easier to consume.

You may know everything I'm going to do but i also know everything you're going to do, strange isn't it?!

rare footage of me playing GG very poorly.

Its like 30 seconds so whatever.

It may be hard. but never be the type of person that plays a bad game just cause all your friends do.

Just get new friends with good taste instead.

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