I just got some unused bedsheet to cover my window to keep the sun out hopefully.

Maybe now I can stay asleep longer so I can actually get some rest for once this month.

I made the mistake of buying Ovaltine without also buying milk to mix it with.

I sure wish i bought more of these red pears because these things are JUICY.

I'm all excited cause I'm drinking coffee for the first time in forever but this headache is not helping.

I have a headache for no reason! What the heck.

My Ma and I just bonded over the fact that the elf in Plus Sized Elf loves French fries as much as we do.

I just passed a McDonald's that has a graveyard right next to it.


Just had Panda Express for the first time in like a year. I cannot get enough of this Honey Walnut shrimp.

"Plus sized elf?!?!"

Is what my Ma said when I showed up and she saw the book in the truck.

I complain about getting no sleep then have to immediately drive an hour out of town.

Man this sucks.

Just because something is a joke doesn't instantly make it a meme.

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