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The bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles is way too expensive omg

just a the craziest game ever on lol lmao

Everyone on both team just... doing stupid things, and we won 🤷

I want to chat in a fedi mumble/discord uguu

Well, been almost one years I was /trying/ to commission someone for niu's mascot, I guess I will have to stop hoping uuuuh.

Oh, we are a round number of niusers, 5400.

Yeah I counted all the dots ofc.

I need the bot to be manageable via DMs, like :
- I send it DM with a certain tag : it post it.
- Same with another tag and a post link, it boost it (optional).
- When someone mention the account, open a DM with the admins and allow us to reply on the behalf of the account again via DM.
- Again, a tag and a link, being able to reply to a post on the behalf of the bot.

Everything must be done in a csv db or something readable, it's not big data anyway.
A config where I can list who is "admin".

Hello fedi, I seek someone that can do stuff in python/ruby and the masto api that can do me a little bot for

I need to manage the @admin account for some reasons, but checking regularly this one is quite silly and hard to mutualize.

If it's needed I can pay an hour or two of your time, it shouldn't take that much time if you know the mastodon api but still 🤷

I will list the requested feature in the 2nd post :

Coucou je cherche un compact (Appareil photo, au cas où) pas trop onéreux et pas trop prise de tête, je vise vraiment pas à devenir pro de la photo ni même amateur, juste histoire de capturer des trucs par-ci par-là, du coup le meilleurs rapport qualité-prix et le moins cher possible, tant que ça dépasse un smartphone niveau qualité j'suis 🆗

Les photos avec le téléphone ça va 5min mais j'en ai marre de devoir me le trimbaler partout 😄 puis çà retire un pré-requis pour le prochain

(cc @devnull)

Ah, eh, yes, we sold niu yesterday, ahah April 2

Warsong - Piercing Light (Mako Remix) 🎵 :ablobdj:

(ya can download the full album here )

Ah, yes, @godotengine IPO soon :D

Finally! I was waiting for it!

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !