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"Anarchy! Everyone wants to be me!
Anarchy yeah! Get it up, so I can see!
Anarchy! Let it flow wild and free!
Anarchy yeah! Y'all ready for the gig?!" 🎵 🎤
- "D City Rock" By TeddyLoid

Tbh kinda bored how hard and expensive it's to make your own NAS uguuh...

Synology maybe... >> ?

I'm not saying thanks to @Tynaiden making me listening to the whole OST guh


⚠️ 🚧

Update of the docker engine running the server

Downtime in 5min :3

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Bon je strim What Remains of Edith Finch, c'est triste, c'est bien, faut que je règle mon micro, ça se passe ici :

Just hidden from the profile directory since it's not really a profile trait lol.

brb joining @thog before he get mad at me for being too late

Hey , updated a bit my Patreon and Liberapay according to the slight increase of costs coming from enabling daily backups from the server hosting provider, adding extra protections in case of accident :blobmelt:

Still rocking on 3 storage servers at time for the database but replications isn't backups !

(just wanna give some transparencies lol)

@quad does it mean they fixed routing of floating IPs ?

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@mmu_man : L'article est victime de son succès :(
Un extrait ci-dessous :

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