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mastodon.social is now running the commit that will likely become v1.4.4. bye bye spinny texts

@Gargron Anything special that rebuilding assets ?

@Technowix i won't announce until tomorrow morning otherwise a bunch of admins will update in the middle of the night and blame me for making them update in the middle of the night

@Gargron @Technowix Do you know if the memory issues with webpack build are fixed now? I'm postponing the update in fear to get the same hell as last update I did.

@Technowix @Gargron Webpack/yarn is requiring way too much ram to compile assets. A lot of people can't compile them directly on their instance anymore.

@Naouak @Technowix @Gargron i very much doubt this has changed

will run htop for you next time i build and see

@bea @Naouak @Gargron Already monitoring my building, staying at 2gigs (but not webpack time right now)

@bea @Naouak @Gargron building of the containers never pass trought 2,3 gigs system wide, time to rebuild assets....

@Technowix @Gargron @Naouak i just did precompile and the peak memory usage of that process was 1070M

@bea @Technowix @Gargron Seems a lot better but still way too much IMO. Maybe webpack 3 will help.