Btw I will slowly move to @Miaourt , made it not follow-only anymore so you can freely follow my ass.

@Technowix lifetime is counted ⏱️

@Technowix oh do you mind me asking why you are moving? maybe you explained in some posts before but clearly I have missed them XD

@Technowix on fait c'qu'on veut sale dictateur mélenchoniste neo staliniste amateur de moustache communiste contre la liberté de suivre des comptes goulagiste provénézuela pet @Miaourt

@Technowix @Miaourt I like the new name, though I'm kind of sorry that the old one will disappear. "Technowix" had something magic in it too!

@Technowix @Miaourt jeez, these people who change their accounts all the time...
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