Let's try

Fedora Silverblue 30 :blobcatpawmean:

"Silverblue 30: NVIDIA now works out of box - Official Trailer :p"
- @BabyWOGUE

(src youtube.com/watch?v=seeOs05tDM )
(Btw I love your voiceover, making it so cool xD)

First impression :

It rock a lot

Let's see how much it will be as painless in the future~

... and speaking of future, it's to me clearly the future of desktop linux experience... :blobpeek:

Ayy first issue, the inability to use multilib/wine ?
Seem that I can't play games for some time uguu

@Technowix thats super comment from someone that watches to anime, so they're used to amazing voices :)

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