@Technowix good to hear from you (as always).

in english, it is called Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiaca). it was originally an African species, but it was imported into europe primarily by zoos and rich estate owners. the EU now classifies them as an Invasive Alien species, so populations are monitored by various organisations (hence the leg bands).
@_p_ @Technowix I don't know about France, but in some countries they've no legal protections and are open for legal hunting.
@awg @Technowix >EU enforcement

>forcing to wear funny armbands

so EU is the fourth reich after all, umu

@roka apart from the obvious with yellow, blue means coerced foreign forced labourer.
@roka @awg @Technowix
>EU forcing African immigrants to wear marked bands

why nobody says something!?
@dirb @awg @roka @Technowix bruh moment, its all according to keikaku, soon we'll have World War 2, part 2: electric bugaloo
@Othinus nestled into its back, as many waterfoul tend to do when snoozing. it'd be actually cute if it wasn't a goose.
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