Btw people give me yours emojis you've been asking for days on this post I will add them when I wake up (if I find them suitable / I can make them work at the tiny size)


in addition to provide an image, plz give me a name for the character, the emotion it should represent, etc.

Kinda important for me to not spend 30min on each stuff lol

@Rasp way too big too sowwy >< they have to render well in 20x20

@Rasp ya have to think it for emoji first, never really succeeded transforming a real pic into an emoji :s

@Technowix I had one that would actually work but now it won't let me upload it aaaaah

@Technowix (the names are in the descriptions of the pics btw)

@Technowix I typed 20x20 but idk how to tell it it's still too big or not (ಥ﹏ಥ)

@peachidandere well uh try to make it the size of the emojis you see currently

@Technowix I'm not sure how to do that tbh :c I must wait for yuru camp emojis for now :blobtilt:

@peachidandere use ya head >xD
imagine your whole picture in a tiny size, and if you need to put your nose on your screen it's not working x)

@Technowix add :what: and :dinner: from,or this pic

@ivesen @lis not sure if sending images attached to every posts you want to specially indent is good for bandwidth nor screens readers

@ivesen @lis .... I know that images/emoji aren't fetch every-time but you see what I mean

@Technowix @lis
it's especially useful for constructs like this

​​ :f_30b:​​​​:f_00b:​​​:f_01b:
@Technowix @lis anyway, since you were mostly worried about the bandwidth or whatever, I think you can afford the bytes :v

@ivesen @lis we don't have minecraft blocks or longfoxes soooo :blobpeek:

@lis @ivesen it seem that aligning buns seem possible :blobpeek:

@lis @ivesen if you force all fonts to be monospaced yes, but can't help ya

@Technowix @lis but you can add the emoji which will have a definitive size :blobglare:
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