Gamedev tips for VR : make things invisible on every faces

@Azazer but you can't move camera like this in non-vr games

@Technowix I'm thinking of all those times my cameras got behind walls or obstacles in old 3D platformers and I couldn't see my character anymore.

@Azazer yeah but here you don't really move xD

@Technowix @Azazer but you can move camera like that in this game. Dunno if it's just because mods, or vanilla COM3D2 allows that.

But generally, yeah. VR allows you to cheat in very... stupid ways. xD

@Technowix thought he was gonna stick his face in those titties

@Technowix Yet another reason to use backface culling other than the performance gains. Although it can be buggy...

@meowski actually it wouldn't solve anything if the referencial is the camera

@Technowix oh yer absolutely right lol. Probably the table needs a back face

@meowski or maybe have a "hidden card" model that just contain the back lol

@Technowix yea probably. now that i look at it again the table even has a bottom face. The camera is between the faces of the table so rendering both faces of the table top, or hide the card (better). But who really thinks about this stuff before your game gets launched. I probably wouldn't
@Technowix @meowski Quite the opposite, the top of the table should be made double-faced so you would be unable to do what is shown in the video. Or render the texture in the card only when she calls.

Yeah, of course, cheaters are more smarter than game developers.

More seriously..

Quick fix would just be like that:

- any players can look exactly like in that video, the difference would be:

1) if the player own the card, then, card is not blank.

2) if the player don't own the card, then, card is blank.

#KISS concept :)

@atakris or don't implement vr into a game that wasn't made for this lol

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