France gonna blow up in 2 days :ablobspin: *craft diamond armors and save vbucks for the next republic*

@Technowix Please do a selfie while filming the destruction!

@Ytrezar not gonna give on internet something that could blow on my face lol

@Ytrezar right now even if I publish pictures of events I can still say it's someone else that took them :3

@Technowix how it will end:
- literally nothing meaningful changes because someone has to pay for all the damage so all the taxes and economic/political abuses people suffer from will be kept in place using this ignorant violent uproar as an excuse

@hellpie @Technowix with another governement I hope
At least a new president

@duponin @Technowix oh come on it wasn't even the whole of paris, it was an insignificant portion of France's population and it got media coverage because people went full retard, not because they had a point.
@Technowix @duponin simple question that can easily tell you if it's a big enough mess: "has this been officially called a civil war yet?"

@hellpie @duponin All the law for the "emergency state" have been put in the common law, so there is no needs for this

@Technowix @duponin that is common procedure to prevent a civil war, that here happens even for normal local protests, it's like when people put up signs to warn you about dogs biting but the dogs are labradors... sure they might bite, they have a mouth and teeth, but really deep down everyone knows they won't, but the law doesn't care and you need to take preventive measures regardless.

@hellpie @Technowix trucks shipment, fire fighters, cops, student, high schools, farmer, average people are all prosteting

How dare you saying it's insignificant ?
CRS (riot's cops) are pushed hardly and are tired. They had the forbidden to smoke and shoot toward instead to aim ground

So it's more than Paris whose get protestating
You just have to real french's newspaper

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