is currently invite-only, you can generate invations links in your setting UI

@Technowix is this related to the Tumblr incident?

@blaxie well kinda have our share of many new users I guess, and since niu is mean to be comf having too much people might get too noisy :3 so I let friends invite themselves but currently reducing the pace lol

Glad I just join yesterday! This is a good community here. Nice!

Woah, I always wanted to be a part of some closed society!

@Technowix Why this decision ?
Too much inscription for the server ?

@duponin too much new people, I remind ya that moderation is done by us lol

@Technowix Okay no problem :-)
Good luck for banhammering moderation

@Technowix I think this should be kept forever. since new more people meaning new problems maybe.

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