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Petit rappel que parler avec / suivre une personne ne signifie pas approuver ce qu'elle peut potentiellement porter comme discours ou croyances.

BSD friends, does ZFS support extending pool size now ?

Like, adding bigger disks to a raid

Fediverse seen by :

Total servers: 3 183
Total registered: 1 876 665
Total active last week: 173 806
Total joined last week: 23 833

Ah, yes, un camarade en GAV + fichage pour port de veste en cuir, sur le Slack de l'usine Startup Nation de 42


A c'est sûr ça en jette moins qu'un.e etudiant.e de tolbiac qui en parlerait sur IRC

N'empêche mes initials ça fait "Le Crédit Lyonnais"

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I would like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Macronisme is in fact Autoritarisme/Macronisme or, as I recently decided to call it, Autoritarisme+Macronisme. Macronisme alone can't work without the Etat Policier and the loi répressives as defined by the Autoritarisme Definition.

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Why I can't start learning a new dev language


Why I can right now

Why I was able and not anymore


So, why isn't on 2.7.0rc3 yet ?

- 2.7.0 release soon
- there is a damn huge media deletion job running since 2 days, that actually freed 200GB of remote media from our storage, kinda forgot the cron >.>
- :blurbsleep:

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