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Petit rappel que parler avec / suivre une personne ne signifie pas approuver ce qu'elle peut potentiellement porter comme discours ou croyances.

J'suis kpout, nenuit les gentes ❤️

I guess that my leadership skill end when there is no technical barriers / hold up preventing others to leave my ideas

Yet there is the fact that I might think that when the project is done everything will be alright?
But no, there is the whole maintenance task to perform, and it's not the easiest part most of the time and it also consume your already tiny time.

I'm also traumatized on relying on others, I should overcome this but everytime I hope someone very motivated will help they drop most of the stuff some week or months afters, even if it's only a tiny work...


Also so much politics stuff I would like to develop, book to read...

Also school project to finish, finding another internship / part-time, gaaaaaaaaahhhhh

I should stop videogames but that my only way of interacting with childhood friends

I want to make so much things yet I can't stay on 1 fucking task

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Streaming "A Hat in Time" as god damn it I need an excuse to stream

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We had a huge turnout at last night's event in NYC on the Lessons of Yellow Vests movement in France, here's the solidarity photo we took. Working-class internationalism = good.

rye plz draw a new header for the /about screen with everyone in it

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J'viens de zieuter "La maison en A"
et c'était vachement cool.

J'arrive plus a retrouver qui a posté le lien mais merci si tu passe par là :blobxd:

I want to be a blue slime with magic power

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So, update on the XMPP hosting service (named, I case you didn't found out yet boq)

I'm going to be on vacation some time, far from my pc, so don't wanna launch something if I can't do early maintenance as I start the service ~

So.... see you after 8 January for XMPP I guess !

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !