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Technowix @Technowix

@tuxicoman ça fait pas sérieux si trop court x)

@tuxicoman J'ai pas le droit de partager des trucs drôles ? xDD

@Balor @stitchxd dunno any "ai", but the argument of the neural network isn't valid x)

@Balor @stitchxd neural network work very well even on phone :3

@Balor but, but... It's plugged into "the cloud" nuh?

@devnull @Kykoonn "je ne fût point initié à la chose"

@magikarp maybe microship do the work, like PC motherboard still count seconds even when unpluged :3

@kro @nepfag well, she don't seem that sad, just less outstanding 😅

Still many things to do even without baguette, beret, blue striped shirt guys :3

Oh, faut que j'essaie :'D

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@Mawloc (j'me suis emmêlé les pinceaux 😅)

> conviction politique
Ça rentre dans le non-conformisme je pense x)

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We are almost a month away from Miku's 10th anniversary! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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