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In case yall wonder why I post in follow only, just defaulted my posts to this.

When I want to reply, it's often only to the people of the post/thread, so don't see why I should feed crawlers that much lol

Btw I will slowly move to @Miaourt , made it not follow-only anymore so you can freely follow my ass.

@Technowix lifetime is counted ⏱️

Enfin ! Greuh !

Plus qu'a attendre que, dans le futur, wine marche nativement sous la bête :)

Imaginez une distro linux qui casse jamais

C'est ce que j'utilise là *-*

Ayy first issue, the inability to use multilib/wine ?
Seem that I can't play games for some time uguu

Or maybe I will simply stop mentioning niu in the "donation" stuff lmao

In addition, like I said some time before, I mostly like the service I host to have a neutral impact on my expenses, but in case I don't have the donations in place anymore, it's shouldn't be a big issue either, don't worry.

I have a lotta in bank, and I will find another job a day anyway :blobxd: .

Yet, I very doubt that we will be impacted by this article.

afaik article 13 shouldn't affect at all, in the most extreme case, I will stop accepting donation for the service, and that all.

So uh, dw.

First impression :

It rock a lot

Let's see how much it will be as painless in the future~

... and speaking of future, it's to me clearly the future of desktop linux experience... :blobpeek:

Many people use Amaroq it seem

Is this app even updated since 2017 ?

"Silverblue 30: NVIDIA now works out of box - Official Trailer :p"
- @BabyWOGUE

(src )
(Btw I love your voiceover, making it so cool xD)

This interview of Yanis Varoufakis, financial minister of the Tsípras Greek government, is very interesting for English speakers that want to start diving a bit into European Union mechanics, issues and future obstacles.

The YouTube channel is in French, but the whole interview is in English (with Greek and French accent, lol)

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