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Gave Moji a try while she was in free rotation & had a flanker daily quest. While I still just like the Zhin character more, she has a much easier level of entry.
Would be tempted to unlock if I had the Dragonborn skin.

Also, random idiots vs a 6-stack of...what are those 3 gold ranks & 2 silvers? wtf matchmaking

I should still be asleep, but noooo. I'd rather wake up super early with a stuffy nose & watery eyes. Stupid Fall allergies.


I will never understand how anyone could watch that damn show that made these people even richer than they already were. Maybe I'm just biased because I hate reality shows.

Ok I was pretty much neutral about the China stuff in current events but this is taking things too far.

I'm at a loss for words. Sulli, a former member of the k-pop group f(x) was found dead in her home. She committed suicide by hanging. This breaks my heart. The first time I watched an f(x) music video, I instantly fell in love with her. She became my favorite member the second I saw her.

I'm not really a fan of Korean dramas, but I watched To The Beautiful You only because she starred in it. She proved that she's not only a talented singer and dancer, but also a talented actor as well.

Depression isn't a joke! If you're having thoughts of suicide, please try to get help. I know not everyone has access to mental health treatment, but there are still options available. is a website that provides free therapy. There's also which teaches you cognitive behavioral therapy to help manage depression. There's also non-prescription antidepressant options if you can't see a psychiatrist.

Kanna is a plant that has several published studies showing its effectiveness at treating depression. There's also Tianeptine, a prescription antidepressant that's used in Europe to treat depression. It's unscheduled in the U.S., meaning it can be legally purchased without a prescription. There's options available and you're not alone! Please don't give up!

New phone arrived. old phone is busted so couldn't connect the twom to regain contacts. But had backed up my contacts on the cloud a month ago before I heard of the de-Googling your android thing.

Ok Google. You win this round...

Luckily I don't take seflies often. Nor am I an idol or even attractive so I should be safe.

First ep of Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE is already up. Hmm not in love with it yet but that Justice Knight guy is kinda cool.

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