Oh wait I see. When La Máscara went to AAA he couldn't bring the Los Ingobernables name so he made a new group called Los Mercenarios with a similar logo & they act pretty much the same.

Works for me.

Wait a second here. I know the original Los Ingobernables were in CMLL but yet I'm watching AAA's Guerra de Titanes 2018 & I see a guy wearing their shirt in the ring. When the heck did they jump there?

Last I watched AAA their main heel faction was Psycho Circus. Yeah. A group of evil clowns.

Decided to bite the bullet & pay for Switch's online service. After a long hiatus I see my Paladins playing does not carry back over to Splatoon 2. I seem to suck now.

Also... Booya Bomb?! Aw come on now trying to ignore those calls is technically throwing. wtf 😠

Cool Harlem Heat reunit-wait what? There's a new incarnation of the Heavnly Bodies?! When they do that?

Swear my brother loves wrestling drama more than the actual matches. Emails me Raw promos & Solomonster clips yet he himself hasn't watched a WWE match since maybe 2009.

I would try Stardom but not fond of the idea of paying for yet another wrestling stream Show more

Just finished night 1 of the New Japan Cup.

Yeah. Nagata vs Ishii is an candidate for match of the yeah. Expected brutally awesome & they delivered.

Not sure if this is an early April Fools joke for UK people or a great marketing strategy for them to get a VPN. thesun.co.uk/tech/8565486/porn

Huh. Didn't know they fought before. youtu.be/8Ee60BC7ang

Watched an old Pro Wrestling Noah match between Liger & Ishimori earlier too.

Up 2 hours early with allergies going crazy & despite it being in the 30's(Fahrenheit) today there will be no hot shower as the water heater is broken,

Gonna be a fun week, folks... 😐

They say the movie wasn't all that good(never saw it so dunno) but damn I still love this song youtu.be/_1cWkHQlRJE

Slowly getting used to these awful controls on Smash(I'll always prefer remote & nunchuck). Maybe I'll try it online if I pay for the service one of these days.

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