Ok Nintendo Online. Your disconnects tell me that's enough Splatfest for now.

According to wiki these guys do this to attract females for mating. However if uninterested & he keeps dancing, she may try to eat him. Also may eat him even after mating.

So yeah, kinda like with humans only instead of feeling like you may die after rejection, you actually may die.

At least one dead, scores injured as Japanese anime studio goes up in flames (VIDEO)

At least one person has died and over thirty have been injured after fire engulfed a three-story building in western Japan that houses a famed animation studio. An alleged arsonist was taken into custody. Read Full Article at RT.com


Retire? Pfft naw. Working to death is great according to this scumbag.


@pry You boosted it again! You so wanna dress like this. You're such a brat...

Fun fact: Despite being mostly a dog person cats seem to have a strange affinity for me. Especially female ones

Remember as early as 5yrs old a stray cat would sneak into our house to snuggle with just me & no one else in the family. Stranger still, we had a cat at the time that was quite territorial & he didn't seem to care. I named her Princess though my parents would just tos her back outside once they got a hold of her.

Took a nap & had a dream where I told my mother that I had a dream where I became a serial killer.

Yeah, I need a vacation. And probably a puppy.

Decided to treat myself to new(used) game & an empty case arrived today.

Happy Amazon Prime Day >.<

Why has youtube been recommending all of these badass Japanese songs this morning? Eh fuck it. *opens youtube to mp3 tab*

Am I the only hoping a lot of people actually do this nonsense?

Sitting naked in an air conditioned room & watching Japanese pro wrestling.

Now that's weekending.

Was going to lawn but...eff that. It's hot & my leg is killing me.

Really starting to see why a friend of mine paints his gunpla parts instead of using the decal stickers...

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