32F outside the car? Pfft good weather for air guitaring to Mr. Crowley in the parking lot before going to work.

Well they say laughter's the best medicine & I'm getting tired of ODing myself on Tylenol. Time to dig out my Sledge Hammer dvd box set.

Huh. It appears I have caught a cold. Must spread to ensure heard immunity. Or make others suffer with me. Whatever.

Huh. So Paladins competitive mode locks out 3rd person view. Well seeing as I haven't enjoyed an FPS since Perfect Dark, I'll be sticking to quickplay afterall. Eff that crap.

May give Paladins competitive mode a try. Playing on Switch so not like voicechat is required. Just curious if the rewards are worth the headache.

Note: I'm Bronze-bad in Overwatch so not having high expectations on climbing.

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Apparently telling femboys on SL "no thanks" because you're straight is seen as a challenge to most of them.

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Just got done a Paladins game where I tried Ruckus the youtuber way as an "off tank". Well my kill count was nice(even got play of the game) & death count was lower but my objective time sucked.

I'm used to dying on the point on a 3 vs 1 exchange while my teammates are spread out in every direction so this may taking getting used to if I stick with it.

Here's hoping 2019 will be the year that either futas or furries from space overthrow the governments of the world.

Gotta love matchmaking in these online games. So well balanced for a fun experience.

No wait. should be 2 instalock DPS with the healer being the 3rd.

3 insta-lock DPS teammates & a healer that's playing like a 4th & yet it's the 2 tanks that have to deal at the other team's sniper. Go figure.

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