Is it me or does this sound like German, Scandinavian, & Canadian all rolled into one?

Oh yeah, as for win/loss it was a 1 -1. The game where I only got 4 kills was actually the game we won. 😵

Tried a new Zhin build for the 2 flanker daily quests. Hmm interesting results. May keep it for a while.

Also I wish more people would use Illuminate when they see a Skye on the other team. By the end of the game she was outright avoiding me because she knew I would chase her down if I saw her invisible butt.

US pol 

Thinking of going non-USB this time & putting some money aside for this thing

I just think it looks like it's something ripped from an alien space ship so it looks cool to me.

My Nintendo Wifi has a more stable connection than my PC... Yeah, time for a new wifi adapter.

Welcome to the future! Everybody hates it here.

Hmm the Pluto TV channel that was airing the Nightman reruns seems to be gone. Guess it's back to youtube & furry porn tabs tonight.

Back from doc. According to blood test, blood/sugar wise I don't even count as diabetic any more. So fuck you, diabetes.

But elected to go back on the meds to ensure best results & because as a wise 40k player once told me, "There's no kill like overkill."

Apparently people are offended by the Joker movie now? We've had movies where the leading role went around killing folks before, right?

Me? I don't plan on ever seeing it just because I don't like the damn Joker. Think he's overrated & needs to die in canon & in the main DC comic universe. Preferably by the hands of Jason Todd because I see no point in him being back from the dead & being so edgy & killy yet unable to avenge himself.

Just realized(thanks to random youtube) that I never saw Great Teacher Onizuka despite meaning to. That & Mad Bull 34 were two 90s anime on my list that weren't giant robots, fanservice, or full on hentai I never got around to seeing.

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