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I often wonder if so many of my online peeps & possibly myself too are always down in the dumps mainly because we're all pretty broke in a society where a person's worth is tied more to their wealth than their character. Money might not be able to buy happiness, but it does buy peace of mind when bills & stuff are paid so you can enjoy life.

Kinda related. youtu.be/6w-DVGWVhIw

Note to the neko headset wearing folks out there. Cybernetic catgirls are OK too. So researching into cybernetics is fine with me as well.

I'm convinced this & other scientific research can help humanity reach real-life catgirls. If we don't create our own we'll end up finding an alien neko species on another planet. youtu.be/vl6jn-DdafM

Probably should be doing today's Splatfest or something actually productive but fuck it. Reading comics. I mean reading is fundamental, right?

Comic in question: Empowered vol 7.

Me: Tell friend I'm on Mastodon & not FB

Friend: Sends screenshots of Project Mastodon Tweets

Me: "Yeah, I don't think that guy's on my instance."

Internet hero Grumpy Cat dies aged 7
The feline who became a viral hit and sparked a frenzy of memes thanks to her iconic scowl has passed away, her owners have confirmed. Read Full Article at RT.com

I sometimes wish I had the skill & lack of empathy to be a con artist. Sure as Hell seems more profitable than muling away at a shitty legit job. Also Nick was my fav L4D2 charcter.


Too broke for a vacation to get away from it all & mentally detox so I think I'll just leave my IMs turned off & talk to even less people at work for a while.

2019 Best of the Super Jr match #1 in A Block

Taka Michinoku vs Tiger Mask

1990s ftw

I work overtime last week so car decides to break down on the way to work today.

Shit like this is why I don't "stay positive".

Why are scientists losing their time to do grape surgery or some bullshit like that where they could be helping all the world by playing with genetic code to create real physical catgirls

Damn. Just found out Silver King died yesterday in the ring during a match.

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