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Think the meds effect on my blood/sugar is balancing out after that first week. No longer constantly feel tired/wired at the same time. While I do miss sleeping for more than 5 hours, this bit of extra energy I've been having is ok. More blood work tomorrow to see if this shit in me is actually clearing up.

Also yaaay kidney doc tomorrow too.

US pol: Nevada caucus 

5 year ban fot biting another guy's junk. Now tell me if that was worth it.

Extra odd as I remember when he passed years ago they called me assuming I was him & wanted an outstanding balance settled.

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My dead dad just got a check from AT&T saying they owed him $12. Well he named me jr so....*opens banking app*

Guess he left me something afterall.

Not really a sword main buuuut it looks like something out of a magical girl anime so I unlocked it. Dunno if I'll bother with any of the others.

Pro wrestling/religion 

US pol 

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