Some students from school where I was working regonized me.

Well, I changed my casual style during my last work so most likely it would pass now.

Got in to nightclub. Seems like I am at too early here so I ended up skipping bouncers, so I am wearing weeb school uniform for no reason since bouncers usually were complaining of my casual clothing.

Might I should get some ice cream since it's 4/20.

I left my computer transfering files to my Xbox overnight, and of course I forgot that my IoT botnet turns power off from TV+xbox setup when I went sleep.

And "find proxy from same subnet" idea didn't work, seems like I have to send message to support.

Like here, why I am seeing retweet from 21min ago at middle of hour old tweets. WTF

"In case you missed it"

Might I wouldn't miss tweets if mobile client would show these at correct timeorder without showing likes and other crap.

Culture is different, but human behavior is same.

Spotting Japanese gay actors VS spotting Finnish youtubers.

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