@Ste1lar I'm not sure but I don't think it works completely from Mastodon to Pleroma?

@esheep but wait @cesese just migrated their account from mastodon to pleroma!

@dielan @Ste1lar @cesese @esheep hang on, does that mean that migration from masto to pleroma is added now? i didn't see an MR about that
@dielan @Ste1lar @esheep :blobcatgoogly: news to me tbh. i mean there was the import stuff, but i was never aware that account migrate works (or at least should)

@rin hälp
@absturztaube @dielan @Ste1lar @esheep pleroma only supports handling incoming account moves. it does not support moving to/from the instance
@rin @Ste1lar @dielan @esheep i thought so. sorry, i was really confused.

incomming account moves are account redirects, right?
@absturztaube @Ste1lar @dielan @esheep no, like if a person moves from a mastodon instance to another mastodon instance, pleroma users will refollow (unless the user opts out via a setting)
@Ste1lar @Stellar you can at least import your follows and mutes and blocks through data import / export in your profile settings
@absturztaube @Ste1lar @cesese @dielan @esheep it is but it doesn't really work. It doesn't really work in mastodon either, though. They both don't work in the same way.
@Ste1lar @esheep @cesese it works, did that with my niu account for a long time as well. unless your instance admin has broked your instance.

@kura @esheep @cesese can you remind me all the steps to migrate accounts? :3

@Ste1lar @esheep @cesese

it seems mastodon made it way more "hard" to setup a forward (aka only inter mastoderp)

back then you only had to setup your forward handle, not backreference shit. so complain to mastoderp
@Ste1lar @esheep no I kept the other account, I just imported my followings
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