Realized in a round about way that #Okuna was called #OpenBook last year.

'Hmm, I wonder why?"

2 seconds of research later...


@Ste1lar @trevdev for social media at least. It makes sense, Facebook is so iconic that any social platform with the word in it would be associated with it, and I don't think OpenBook would have chosen the word book it it weren't for Facebook.

@NekoSock @Ste1lar In any other trademark scenario, this would be absolutely unfounded. The word "Book" is at least 800 years older than Mark Zuckerberg. It's public domain!

@trevdev @NekoSock nobody should be able to trademark a word in the english dictionnary

@Ste1lar @NekoSock It's just another case where fighting them in court would be more damaging than having to completely rebrand after gaining their initial traction.

It's purely an attempt to crush them in a non-competitive way.

@trevdev @Ste1lar Oh definitely, but still, I would say Facebook were acting in their own right and this outcome isn't very outrageous.

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