everyone post your cool techy portable devices real ones or not drawinds doesn't matter

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lots of people are sharing that i guess i'm not the only one that hates the new flat trend

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@Ste1lar i guess i would like to make own raspi3-4 tablet/phone


Samsung notes, on a Galaxy Tab A.

my handwriting is appalling. i could have been a doctor.

the Galaxy Tab A itself is really just a slab of black plastic with a stylus, some buttons, a neat screen and a usb port.

@Ste1lar I have a Asus tablet with Linux it's a bit hacky because Linux touch screen support sucks

@Ste1lar the boox note2 android tablet with e-ink display - it hates dark themes

@Ste1lar Not mine but the IBM PC 110 is among my favourites. Picture from here: laptop.pics/ibm-pc110/ , has others as well.

@Ste1lar There was a lot of buzz about these things in the 1990s -- handheld PCs used to be a thing back in the day.

hpcfactor.com/ has a lot of useful information and software on and for a lot of cool devices , and you can get many of them on ebay today.

@NHG @Ste1lar Nice one except for that horrible antenna. (I'm worse… I want mainline support and unlockable/freeable bootloader)
@lanodan @Ste1lar the antenna is removable and only needed for the VHF radio :)
but yeah, a truly free phone would be awesome...
@Ste1lar i don't think that would fit in any moderately sized pants

@celesteh well if we could have a nokia n900 with today's performance it would be exactly what i want

@celesteh @Ste1lar I to miss my n900. I managed to get my hands on a n950 some months ago, but it's too weak to be a reasonable device today.

But I guess one of the more interesting devices in that form factor is the Fxtec Pro1: fxtec.com/pro1/

I have no idea how good it actually is. But it does look promising.

@Ste1lar sold, IF the siding screen is spring loaded

@T045T @Ste1lar There was the neo900 in development at one point but that project is solidly dead now

@Ste1lar I've started working on 3D mocking something in fusion 360 at some point, but it's hard to find a good keyboard fitting on a such relative small space, and SBC more or less all sux and doesn't have good specs and are pretty big, eating most of the space..
maybe with something like the pinephone it would be do-able, if a keyboard can be found.

@Ste1lar I used to own a phone exactly like this. The Motorola Droid, which came out in 2009.

And of course it's showing shitposting on 4chan. :Marie_Kondo:

@Ste1lar Indeed, phones these days are super ugly so something like this would actually get me to buy one lel

Is that 4chan on the left? But loos like a neat cyberdeck :)

@Ste1lar I want something like this so much, I miss my runbo but love my gemini, it just needs an SDR, a laser pointer, and a waterproof case...

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