cis person: what are you?

me: an electronic musician

cis person: no, i mean what's in your pants?

me: *pulls out one of these*

@minty_da @hierarchon so that's whats what's this plug for on my vinyl player and minitel :athinkingwithblobs:

@Ste1lar @minty_da @hierarchon it's called a record player or a turntable, thank you, they're also called records.


@yoke @minty_da @hierarchon ive got a ton of old french pop
one disk of abba
one disk of the ost of star wars
but my vinyl player fuse is broken

@Ste1lar @minty_da @hierarchon That's awesome, but what's your turntable friend!? that's what I meant :)
@Ste1lar @minty_da @hierarchon it's ok :)) what matters is that you enjoy the sound and it doesn't eat your records! I had an at-lp-60 and it destroyed some of my first records before I upgraded :/
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