i dont like this admin's political opinion so:

this guy just argued with me so:

this guy is not blocking some domain i blocked for no reason so:

that's it. that's most fedi admins in a nutshell.

@Ste1lar brb blocking myself because I'm not blocking Niu which is not blocking you for so recklessly criticizing fediverse blockade

@AkaiHebi you know people are posting block recommendation for niu because we dont block enough domains? and that alt-right/hate speech is not moderated? (its not because there is no hate speech on niu)

@Ste1lar isn't this just mostly the ones making the blocklists :blobcatthink:

@Ste1lar there were some people maintaining lists of instances that one should block to remain "safe" or some bullshit, but the ones maintaining the lists are extreme left as fuck and just throw anyone on there if it suits them :blobsweat:

@fristi even one time i seen a guy that stated seriously that niu is a fascist instance

@Ste1lar niu is on some lists as far as I know, but most weeb-tier instances are on it because they're not normalfag friendly or something. The biggest reason is usually because such instances aren't moderated as strictly. Big load of bullshit really, but I don't care. was on some lists too, I think, because someone thinks it's a loli-fetish instance.

@fristi you know when i see shit like freespeechextremist or the instance of that sjw with 120 alts i might thing that plemora is the home for 4channes

@Ste1lar @fristi I think the reason Niu is on some lists is because of lenient federation policies, i.e. federating with FSE, 465racing, etc.

I'm on the fence about that myself, but I do think it's a stretch to say that makes Niu itself fashy. The terms of service forbid bigotry/harassment/hate speech and fascism explicitly and the admin is a socialist.

@StarshineLunacy @fristi yeah.


@Ste1lar @fristi I mean to be fair there actually are instances where people straight up praise Hitler, so I can see where people are coming from with that, even if they come across a bit hamfisted/heavy handed. Politics over the last decade or so have taken a dark turn both online and offline and I think it's a bit naive to fully dismiss concerns about that as "SJW nonsense".

t. ex-4channer

@StarshineLunacy @Ste1lar there's a difference between blocking and instance because the userbase is shit and because "somebody said the n word once". Basically extremists on either side ruin the fun for the rest.

@StarshineLunacy @Ste1lar @fristi @roka @phildobangnz I actually can't see all of the replies to this post from any of my currently existing alts. The only reason I'm even aware of them is because this thread showed up in this account's timeline with a reply to a day-old post I'm tagged in (never got the notification) and I went and dug it up on FSE out of curiosity. Can't help but be amused at the irony of that given the context.

Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts on this subject and was going to write a really long effortpost addressing each of your points, explaining what I disagree with and why, but I absolutely cannot be arsed right now tbh, and I doubt a wall of text from a rando with pronouns in her bio holds much weight for you guys anyway. Maybe a different time on a different account.

Sorry for repost but I wasn't sure if it'd be visible as unlisted if you don't follow me, I'm still kinda new to this xP
@fristi @Ste1lar i know of 2 instances that block mine, one because of freez peach. the other one i have no clue why.

what lists are you talking about?

@alexa @fristi @absturztaube i have no idea and i dont know were to find thoses blocklists

@Ste1lar @fristi @absturztaube Yeah, the one I know we’re on is’s (, which I really don’t get (did they even see anything bad here?

@Ste1lar @alexa @absturztaube yes and the reasoning behind some blocks are just fucking retarded, to say the least.

Really, no good instance maintainer should care about these stupid lists, they're only about forwarding some shitty agendas.

@Ste1lar @fristi @alexa i don't think so. i wrote to the admin of one instance so that i can get a justification for the block but still haven't received a reply
You know it existe only one thing in life that is 100% sure, if it is to simple it is wrong.
@alexa @fristi @absturztaube
@alexa @Ste1lar @fristi no idea, i think they just looked at the ToS and judge the instance only by those few lines i have in there
@alexa @Ste1lar @absturztaube @fristi This list is pretty dang amazing, I'm beginning to think it has to be satire:

> A fascist considers it good

> “Free speech”

> North korea tankies, “free speech”

> “Words are not hurtful”

> Admin is Gab apologist

> Horseshoe thrower

> “market anarchists”

And the best one, cited for multiple instances:

> almost no federation restrictions
@p @alexa @Ste1lar @fristi > I'm beginning to think it has to be satire

it's satire become reality
@fristi @Ste1lar @p @alexa me neither, but i don't really care if some instances block me. the thing that annoys me is that they entered fedi but look like they don't want to be part of it.

@absturztaube @Ste1lar @p @alexa I wonder why they don't just make an instance that doesn't federate. That way they'd have their little safe haven, and we wouldn't have to deal with them either. :blobcat:

@fristi @Ste1lar @p @alexa looking on how their admins work, i doubt that they have the slightest idea on how federation works not to mention to turn it off (or use whitelists)

@absturztaube @Ste1lar @p @alexa It wouldn't surprise me if that were the case. Either that or they're basically just aiming to have a global twitter clone but aimed at spreading their particular brand of propaganda, with nobody else being allowed in. The way it's going now, it wouldn't surprise me if the fediverse ends up having a big leftist section, a big rightist section, and whatever remains sitting at the sidelines going "lol look at those faggets hue ey who's your favorite 2hu" :blobhyperthink:

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@fristi @absturztaube @Ste1lar @p @alexa

Mastodon 3.0 is going to bring that with "whitelist" mode. Basically the instance blocks everything that isn't whitelisted.

It's meant for schools/universities, but I totally see this snowballing in another direction.

@alexa @Ste1lar @p @absturztaube
pffffffffffffffttfffttftt 👌
oh that's real fucking classy :nyoron:

@alexa @Ste1lar @absturztaube @fristi Ha, wow, I didn't check the links, I have seen this person before.
@Jojothegoodperson @Ste1lar @absturztaube @alexa @fristi Yeah, he likes to post about how everyone that has a job is nazis and says that this is a valuable service he provides so you should hand him some money.
@p @alexa @Ste1lar @absturztaube @fristi

This is literally
>"Why do you consider me a nazi?"
>"Shut up nazi"
@foxhkron @p @Ste1lar @alexa @fristi oh yeah. i mean i have my leftish view but still get labeled as being nazi sometimes and that only because i disagree with some argument. it's really weird to me how ppl (in general) tent to radicalize in their views
@absturztaube @foxhkron @Ste1lar @fristi @p Yeah, I'm very far on the left, but also believe in things such as free speech. Some people seem to think that calling someone a Nazi will physically hurt them or something.
@alexa @absturztaube @Ste1lar @foxhkron @fristi I don't know how people can function in the world with that kind of mindset, you know?
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