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I done this wallpaper with @rye 's amazing art :blobmelt: it gave me so much inspiration :blobcatmlem:

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"please backup of your conputer before installing debian"
> me with my <1To of data i never made save of, literally +5 years of my life:

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if you wanna see all my art i posted it on deviantart! and i will post all my futures photos on it

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Believe in yourself and create your own destiny 🍞

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New sex toys are too expensive, just buy them used
It's way cheaper and more environmentally friendly

@Epsiloco she points at you first because you stole her burger

@rye @DetectiveHyde

I've noticed Rye has gotten a lot lewder this last month idk what happened

the bronies have been suspiciously quiet lately, they must be planning something

I just looked down and saw this and it's the one of the most lesbian culture pictures I've ever seen.

i commed technojara to do an outfit design for secta and its so good im going to physically perish

There was once a woman who tried to cool herself to absolute zero Show more

horny shitpost Show more

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !