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I done this wallpaper with @rye 's amazing art :blobmelt: it gave me so much inspiration :blobcatmlem:

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"please backup of your conputer before installing debian"
> me with my <1To of data i never made save of, literally +5 years of my life:

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if you wanna see all my art i posted it on deviantart! and i will post all my futures photos on it

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Believe in yourself and create your own destiny 🍞

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:hacker_w: :hacker_o: :hacker_o: :hacker_m: :hacker_y:

mon frère ma fait gouter au pastis
ptn de merde c'est degeulasse on dirait du liquide vaisselle

i'm very disapointed in the headphones i just bought

I swear the entire UK still eats like it’s WW2

feel me out before you drop an entire thread in my mentions

classmate: how do i add a user to the sudo group again?

me: "sudo rm -rf / "

classmate: *start typing and suddenly realize and stop* you fucker

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !