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I done this wallpaper with @rye 's amazing art :blobmelt: it gave me so much inspiration :blobcatmlem:

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"please backup of your conputer before installing debian"
> me with my <1To of data i never made save of, literally +5 years of my life:

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if you wanna see all my art i posted it on deviantart! and i will post all my futures photos on it

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Believe in yourself and create your own destiny 🍞

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“How it FEELS to Play Medic in TF2”
20 minutes of loud sobbing

i was reading some good doujin but then the guy fucking murdered and raped the girl. :blobcatoh: i'm depressed now.

i know i sinned when all the comment section of the doujin is disgusted and shoked people

this is what i'm going to send my dad to make him see the game actually looks good

forgive the sloppiness of the gameplay, haven't played in a while

video contains guns and shooting guns

me playing unturned: *eats something*
the 20 zombies around:

@bagofshit @icameheretoawoo :cirnolol: !! I am super to glad to be a part of your... eeaa... cult? church? Whatever!

Okay let's get a serious poll for once
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