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"please backup of your conputer before installing debian"
> me with my <1To of data i never made save of, literally +5 years of my life:

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if you wanna see all my art i posted it on deviantart! and i will post all my futures photos on it

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Just finished it! i'm so glad i made a lot of progress in my technique! feel free to download and share!

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Believe in yourself and create your own destiny 🍞

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Hey gamers jacksepticpliermark Mar here with my new collection of overpriced clotheswear.

It's the clock collection! It'll make you look like you got nothing but time and clocks on your mind.

coffee made using pantsu as filter

HI this is my first post on this website? Show more

coffee made using thighhigh as filter

if my partner were to have foreskin that would be convenient because i need dick cheese to grate onto my pasta

I'm going to have a bad case of stomach flu all christmas because I don't want to participate in certain parts of my family trying to reconnect me with people I dropped communication with. For good reasons.

hit or miss i gu ess we r͎̭̬̱̤̮e͘s̤͚i̱͔̻d̘̖͈̣̫ͅe̻ ̬̟͇͉i̤̜̤̦͇n ̠̣̯̲t̷̘h̖̬͈̳e ͇͜ a b̢͇̤̫͔̠ͅ y̫ss huh

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !