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I'm gonna pin this on my profile.
i'm moving to @Stellar from now on i'm gonna put a redirect link on my profile. and in march the account will be gone with niu :blobcatsalute:

boost plz

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I finally managed to install i3-gaps! Simple, and more lightweight than even xfce :ablobcatbongo: ! and cool flat design (i'm gonna customize it next) :blobartist:

Enjoy the first and only selfie i'm sharing on fedi :blobcatcooljazz:

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:hacker_w: :hacker_o: :hacker_o: :hacker_m: :hacker_y:

its okay to mute or block me if you don't like me

Business conventions are furry conventions where everyone's fursona is a corporation

Although official artwork for Super Mario Bros. exists for nearly every character, enemy, and even item in the game, none of it depicts Luigi. Luigi is also absent from all versions of the game's box art, and illustrations in all manuals.


mitsu isn't following me anymore, i guess i'm not gay enough

this is the cover photo of a blog post from my school. I think they wanna build a big big bun :bun:

Within 10 minutes:
SMS 1: reminder appointment in one week
SMS 2: appointment cancelled

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