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I'm gonna pin this on my profile.
i'm moving to @Stellar from now on i'm gonna put a redirect link on my profile. and in march the account will be gone with niu :blobcatsalute:

boost plz

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I finally managed to install i3-gaps! Simple, and more lightweight than even xfce :ablobcatbongo: ! and cool flat design (i'm gonna customize it next) :blobartist:

Enjoy the first and only selfie i'm sharing on fedi :blobcatcooljazz:

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:hacker_w: :hacker_o: :hacker_o: :hacker_m: :hacker_y:

Nothing is a personality. People do not exist

my friend told my 2 glass of vodka a day is too much :blobsad:


I'm not letting Shankly share my lunch and I have broken his entire heart

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