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Redoing my

Hi niufriends! My name is Seri. I'm an active raider on Final Fantasy XIV and play a ton of Fate/Grand Order (JP version, sorry NA!) and Girls' Frontline (EN, 10 dorms!) I love romance anime, especially yuri!

I'm a PC gamer through and through; Nihon Falcom is my favorite game developer and I hope they can be yours too! Fighting games are my life and my guilty pleasure that I never have time to practice in.

A warm welcome to those here from Tumblr!

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If anyone might actually be interested in the JRPG series that's stolen my heart and become my favorite game series of all time, I should take the chance to spread the word. :bun:

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If anyone plays JP Fate/Grand Order and would like to add me, feel free! Just @ me so I know who it's from. :blobbounce:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Musty prawns
and Timbuktu

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Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Esheep is good at smash bros wii u

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We did it!!!!

One of our friends is a fresh newbie and our enemy comp was really whack but I feel good!

Playing Ying, regularly winning out games with 120k+ healing, this is amazing!

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      ( s・ ω・)
      __〃ヽ 〈_
 γ´⌒´--ヾ    vーヽ⌒ヽ
/⌒  ィ    `i´  ); `ヽ
/    ノ^ 、___¥__ 人  |
!  ,,,ノ爻\_ _人ノr;^ >  )
(   <_ \ヘ、,, __,+、__rノ / /
ヽ_  \ )ゝ、__,+、_ア 〃 /
  ヽ、___ ヽ.=┬─┬〈  ソ
  〈J .〉、| 本 |, |ヽ-´
    /""  | 醸 |: |
    レ  :|: 造 | リ
    /   ノ|__| |
    | ,,  ソ  ヽ  )
   .,ゝ   )  イ ヽ ノ
   y `レl  〈´  リ
   /   ノ    |   |
   l  /   l;;  |
   〉 〈     〉  |
  /  ::|   (_ヽ \、
 (。mnノ     `ヽnm

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