I want to make coffee
I also don't want to leave my bed
What do :bunhdcomfy:

Has anyone used okular on windows? How is it? I just recommended it to a friend but I never used it on windows before lol

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Oh yes, and my top bar's text changes color automatically for the wallpaper

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I bought a wii sensor bar for my computer and it runs out of the box on linux :blobuwu:

I found a nice add-on for KDE that actually gives it a good overview of virtual deskops. This made me happy more then you would know lol. It's available as a kwin script in the KDE store. github.com/tcorreabr/Parachute

Kind of glad the closing of niu got postponed. I'm not on much anymore cause I'm just reminded that I need to move to a new instance and finding something as good a niu is hard

Man I have to say that I don't really dig the UI changes to the lollypop music player and I'm kind of bummed about that cause I really liked this application

Back on anti-depressants

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay :blobunsure:

I can always respect how much customization KDE allows. I don't think there's any desktop that's more easy to customize. Being able to download themes from menus built into the desktop environment is just a really solid feature

Fans are pissed at the new pokemon game but reviewers are giving it really good reviews

This is fertile ground for a nerd holy war :blobowoevil:

Awww niu is shutting down? Where can I move to now? :(

As a Canadian, I'm sorry for the existence of rebel media

It has been almost 6 years since mangagamer announced they were picking up this VN. What the fuck happened to it?


Does anyone know of a good command line RSS feed reader?

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