Probably my biggest gripe with it is that it's really tied into the GNOME desktop and looks weird outside of it. It's not cross platform even among other desktop environments and that's a shame because it really is one of the best music players available on linux

I think one of my favorite features is being able to grab albums on youtube and add them into the player. I'm sure that other music players can do this but it just feels smooth as hell, and it's great to have album art on them

Though it hasn't been around for a long time Lollypop has become probably one of the best music players on linux. It's not customizable outside of GTK themes but it looks nice out of the box and has I think ever feature I could want

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You can get a cool sticker pack – and a chance to win an exclusive mug – by simply tooting about why you love #LibreOffice, or helping users on our community assistance website! Join the Month of LibreOffice, May 2019:

@MrGhost Welcome to niu you beautiful son of a bitch!

Why is the AUR so much better then other distros user repos? Not that other distros user repos are bad they just don't seem to compare

Really liking's new facelift. Now that it's version 1.0 I'm going to see if I can sucker some of my friends into using it :blobowoevil:

tfw your friends account get taken over by a botnet and they send you a shortened url

How do I learn patience?

By using a windows server

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Once again reminded about my least favorite thing about requiring HTTPS/SSL:

At first the problem was it literally recentralized the internet via cert authorities. Then LetsEncrypt came along and *kind of* fixed that.

Now the problem is it's recentralizing the internet via an expert class of People Or Companies Who Understand HTTPS/SSL as gatekeepers of the internet. Self-hosting is ~10x harder than it used to be.

HTTPS is a good idea but we need to keep working to mitigate these problems.

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