Man I have to say that I don't really dig the UI changes to the lollypop music player and I'm kind of bummed about that cause I really liked this application

Back on anti-depressants

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay :blobunsure:

I can always respect how much customization KDE allows. I don't think there's any desktop that's more easy to customize. Being able to download themes from menus built into the desktop environment is just a really solid feature

Fans are pissed at the new pokemon game but reviewers are giving it really good reviews

This is fertile ground for a nerd holy war :blobowoevil:

Awww niu is shutting down? Where can I move to now? :(

As a Canadian, I'm sorry for the existence of rebel media

It has been almost 6 years since mangagamer announced they were picking up this VN. What the fuck happened to it?

Does anyone know of a good command line RSS feed reader?

So glad my election is over, these things give me so much anxiety

Lol who am I kidding. Everyone already knew I was weird

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I have setup my desktop computer to be used in my bed

Max comf has been achieved at the expense that everyone thinks I'm weird now

Surprise sushi with my dad

All you can eat is a mistake :blobcatmelt:

Lying in bed at 10am and can't sleep
What's up people!

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