Adding networking and multiplayer functionality is a huge waste of time. With this inconceivable immense amount of time sunk on it you could use the same time to develop the game/engine in a much better polished stated. And what is the gain for this effort? 10 players at best on average over the course of several months that will drop quickly. This feature could be replaced with a good skirmish modo and a challenging AI using things like mesh pathfinder.

@boris I agree but some games are just naturally more fun playing with a human opponent, the civ games are a good example, the AI has to rely on cheats on harder difficulties to get an edge

@sleepyneet Well for me, I hardly can find a good serbs with interesting mods to play on. For example on skullshit most of the serbs are hosting either vanilla doom or brutal dood so I just stick with playing doom on single player mode than I don't have to wait 6 million years to try out a new mod/wad to play on. The same cases with sven-coop I never liked the way half-life 1 weapon worked and there is not even a single sven coop serb that fixes just that.

@SleepyNEET Playing L4D2 with the 3 strangers who aren't smart enough to quit vs. 4 best friends who have 10,000 hours as Infected

@SleepyNEET Or add friendly fire always on. Sometimes you just want to shoot someone on your same team.
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