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1927 Paramount Studios' 1927 location shooting map h/t Fipi lele

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instance admin - preventing malicious archiving 

this cloudflare firewall rule will break, and the internet archive so certain bad actors cannot archive your user's toots

@admin @Miaourt By the way, the file at doesn't report the custom "max_toot_chars" you have set, so third-party and mobile clients may cap posts to 500 characters.

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tired: its rewind time
wired: its rewrite time

‪I have Country Roads, Take Me Home stuck in my head.‬

‪Except it's the Japanese version.‬

Gab still doesn't know what federation is.

Shuga boosted seems to be more reliable now. They also added a few new things which is neat.

Thanks for the help @pry!

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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

Theory: @neuralink is actually the first step to real-life catgirls and we're all oblivious to it!

@pry how did you get working?

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re: block recommendation 

@r000t @one
i think im a cat

in fact
i think im fuzzery

ngl using XMPP for DMs is an interesting approach. Probably will be hacky, knowing Gab, but interesting nonetheless.

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so apparently the US government "is monitoring the internet" because of the area 51 meme and there's pictures of the military being briefed on it

including this demo of a naruto run

A friendly reminder that Alex Jones is on the Fediverse.

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@Shuga Apple is a shit walled garden so our app store won't have any iOS apps on it unless it's a direct link to apps in the Apple App Store that work with Gab.

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@r000t @Prodigal @judgedread This is correct. A post arrives if:

:hacker_i: Someone local is following the person that made the post.
:hacker_i::hacker_i: Someone local is following someone that participates in the thread that contains that post.
:hacker_i::hacker_i::hacker_i: Someone local is following a person that reposted a reply in the same thread as the post.

I probably need to change the randomness algorithm for @DailyNPS from date-hash-based to pseudoRNG; the new server doesn't produce random enough results, and the original logic for the date-hash method ended up falling through on its goal.

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