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Everyone and their mother has a Chromium-based browser these days: CCleaner may install CCleaner Browser and remap file associations

Good "fork it:" trying to add a new requested feature to software, benefiting others.

Bad "fork it:" rebranding software because you don't like the maintainer, only benefiting yourselves.

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"isCat": "true"

^ this, when added to your Actor, will force Misskey to show cat ears. Nya!

Petition to fork Mastodon and add nekomimi support?

Speaking of proprietary additional features, Gab's Pro, Verified, and Investor badges don't even attempt to federate, not even with other Gab instances.

now federates custom emoji btw. Seems to also include animated emoji too.

Up to four items per table? I think not!

(Got those metadata tables to work with my Shitty ActivityPub Implementation™ with very little work, and [un]shockingly, you can add as many as you want if you tweak the metadata a bit.)

Made a simple NodeJS app that implements a very primitive ActivityPub implementation.

- Unlimited "fake" users
- Users with profile images, banners that federate properly.
- Filled-in name and bio

More technical feature list:
- WebFinger implementation
- Generates a fake actor on every WebFinger query
- Actor is pre-filled with random profile icon/banner (via remote domain), name, and bio.

It's written in NodeJS and while it lacks any form of interaction (ie posts, a functional inbox, and *real* follows, to name a few), it was done from scratch with only NodeJS, Express, and my knowledge on the ActivityPub spec.

Bad idea: a shoddy ActivityPub implementation hosted on GitHub Pages.

Update: I got the Actor endpoint (it's the same as the HTML endpoint but with special headers as defined in the ActivityPub spec).

Except for the detail that Misskey doesn't seem honor the mandated header..? Where is their actor object?!

The spec requires that if the request has an Accept header of 'application/ld+json; profile=""' and a Content-Type of the same thing that the Actor must be revealed. Plemora and Mastodon do this, but not Misskey? wat

Does anyone know the endpoint Mastodon uses to get the Actor object?

Misskey probably has the smallest WebFinger implementation I have seen. No keys, no Atom feed, no nothing.

Gab's is, shockingly enough, broken; one of their aliases 404s.


@absturztaube's Nekomimi Mode isn't compatible with Misskey's Nekomimi Mode and doesn't federate from the looks of it.

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We're phasing OStatus out of Mastodon (we've supported it 2 years longer than we've used it) which removes a lot of cognitive load from further development of features and maintenance #mastodev


Federation update: some not Gab accounts (like kind) federate to Gab excellently (ie replies), but not the other way around.

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Federation Tips:

- Gab's ported profile images and banners do NOT federate properly (as do old uploaded images)! Please change your profile image and banner, even if it's to the same image, or you may appear as the default profile image when viewed off of the default Gab instance.

- If you see something like :this: (note the surrounding colons), you're looking at a custom emoji, a feature Gab may have broke or removed.

- Gab's federation with the non-Gab world is still kinda shaky, so keep that in mind for the coming weeks. I heard it's being worked on though.

- You will soon be able to follow this account, @DailyNPS, from anywhere on the Fediverse, excluding instances that block Gab.

- The entire federated network is called the Fediverse. This includes popular software like Mastodon, less-known software like Misskey, older software like GNU-Social, video sharing platforms like PeerTube, file hosting services like Nextcloud, and even some blogs! Once federation goes online, you won't be alone like you pretty much are at the moment, so be respectful with others (even if your views vary)!

Keep these tips in mind to be federation-friendly, whether it's with another Gab instance or one of the dozens of other federating applications and their instances!

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Today's National Park of the Day is American Memorial, which is located in MP! To learn more, go to

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