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The only good Gab account, @DailyNPS, may finally federate soon!

I noticed that only a dozen accounts are federating.

oh heck

I was able to view my profile from .

still can't interact with from here tho.

Boy bands are just Western idol groups.

follows are now working/being accepted.

Federation is slowly coming along.

Gab /kinda/ supports the Local and Federated (ignoring the fact Gab doesn't federate) timeline, but hides them.

One of my Mastodon clients managed to get the endpoints somewhat working, even though I heard they were hard-coded out.

Credit due where credit is due: @a can take harsh critisism.

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Me: "I'm only rebooting this bot because Gab's on the Fediverse; fuck Gab."


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While we wait for #newgab to be functional, I'd suggest everyone check out some actual instances that are federated. is my personal fav but, and even are all pretty good. And, regardless of where you join, you can follow your friends on other instances - something removed from Gab bc seeing posts in other languages was going to be too scary for some users.

I was able to reply to someone but Gab's inbox system is :b:roke.

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Am I the first person to @ someone over at Gab? WebFinger was broken this morning (I checked the endpoint) and now it seems to be working for some users.

I think Gab 2 is so unstable WebFinger shit itself and died.

Congrats on the flawless launch,!

Gab's supposed to launch soon. Let's see how things go down.

I own and am considering (re-)running a bot on it too (DailyNPS was the original Gab bot). I don't really like Gab, but the bot was pretty popular when it used to run there so makes more logistical sense than a brand new account on (like @SmashAdditions).

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mfw they call it phishing because it requires someone to take the bait

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@kemonine It's an alternative client for Discord that is written using Qt instead of Electron.

It's not open source, but I had no expectation of that when dealing with Discord stuff.

It uses less than 100MB of RAM with 7 active tabs and me being part of too many guilds.

100MB is much better than 1+GB.
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