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I'm happy to announce that my barebones ActivityPub server, implemented in Node.js/Express, is now open source! I intend for it to be a reference implementation for developers who are adding ActivityPub to their own services, but also it is an application server that you can build on if you want.

In other words, t's a few hundred lines of code that lets you create Mastodon-compatible accounts that can accept follow requests and post stuff to their followers.

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We have a thief in the fediverse!!! (again!)


They stole shamefully their social network interface from #MissKey! @misskey
@syuilo @syuilo
Not any mention of MissKey on their website!

Makes me think of the #Hiveway fiasco, when they shamefully stole Mastodon. Also a crypto pre-ICO. I wouldn't be surprised it are the same guys.

Here is their :twitter: :

Defend the #Fediverse! 🔥

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Found an interesting spam/scam scheme today:
- Attacker posts their link that redirects to a legit news article
- Twitter resolves the redirect to news article
- Twitter hides link from Tweet and displays Twitter Card with news domain
- Attacker changes redirect to spam site

The Tweet now displays a legit looking Twitter Card with the news website domain, but actually goes to the scammer.

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Hello Assembled People of European Mastodon! I work at @eff on international copyright. You might have heard of #article13, the EU proposal to require © filters on sharing sites.

We're really worried that this could affect services like ActivePub/Mastodon instances, opening them up to lawsuits or requiring expensive filters.

The key vote is on Wednesday -- please call or write your MEP and ask them to vote against #article13 to protect the future of the internet!

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hellloooooo if you run an instance (especially an unusual/joke instance) on mastodon, you should email me at gita.jackson at kotaku dot com. would love to ask you a few questions for a story.

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@ojbr you should suspend as it seems to just be all bots that scrape data :thinking:

Nice, got custom profile values working on my dummy ActivityPub server!

Next goal is now probably going to be getting a profile image, and then an in/outbox.

After the in/outbox is done, then I'll try to post.

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That "delete" happens because your server sending a request to other servers with a copy asking them to l delete their copy as well, the same way when you use software that supports remote email recalls.

Between Mastodon servers this interaction creates an illusion of deletion, but it doesn't mean the post no longer exists. Some fediverse software doesn't have this functionality. (Which is why delete/redraft is super annoying to ppl on those servers :)

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It seems like a lot of Mastodon requests/expectations are based on a flawed understanding of federation and the idea that a post exists as a shared object in a common database, so you can apply other states to it after publication.

It is not like that at all.

Federation is like email, right, and you can send email to different servers? Well, posts are like emails then. Or faxes. You aren't sharing the same object, you're sending a copy. You can't decide to "make it private" after it's sent.

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Note: I moved the actor entry to since it's for testing.

By the way, thanks @Gargron for the helpful ActivityPub tutorial. It's a huge help!

Mastodon caches things heavily (well at least niu does).

I moved the actor entry for (which currently hosts a WIP ActivityHub implementation) from /actor/shuga to /shuga and it hasn't corrected itself.


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If you're a furry artist (or use some of the same sites), I made a website a while ago that allows you to easily upload your artwork to many sites at once. It's completely free with no advertisements, etc. I just added Mastodon support to try and make it easier for artists to share their content here too.

You can find it online at
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A new version to Toot! is out! New in this version:

* Federated timeline now available (click the title).
* You can set up which notifications are shown on the notification tab (click the title again!).
* Twitter keyboard when posting new toots.

As usual, use to sign up for the beta test!

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"mastodon was down"

nah y'all, was down! other mastodon instances were fine!

consider getting accounts on smaller instances and so we can have a network of nice little communities. mastodon works best when moderation is distributed among many instances!

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