Who are you @iloveworkers? Your instance is closed yet you followed me...

Today marks two years of me being on Birdsite.

I still remember that @6e757275706f is one of my earliest followers (on his old account).

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@Shuga @sky they do have totp support but it's painfully hard to find :S

someone made a medium post about how to do it (and you don't have to buy any bs hardware from symantec like pp insists)

@sky The next most anxiety-inducing things is realizing PayPal thinks *not* having TOTP support is a good idea.
Also: Shout-out to Twitter for forcing SMS as fallback for TOTP.

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There's an amazing number of #ActivityPub #alternatives now available or under development:

Twitter -> @Mastodon and #Pleroma

Instagram -> @pixelfed and @anfora

YouTube -> #PeerTube ( @Chocobozzz )

Soundcloud -> @funkwhale

MeetUp -> @GetTogetherComm

Medium -> #Plume ( @BaptisteGelez )

Reddit -> @prismo and Anancus ( @tuxether )

LinkedIn -> @cloutstream

Google Calendar -> @calendar_social

Anything missing from the list? What else is needed?

#Federation #Fediverse

I browse the Fediverse quite often, but I need to post here more often too.

Pinned tabs are a blessing.

@hannah Niu has some of the best emojis, no-doubt. :splatoon:

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Smash Additions Bot 2.0.0 is out! Cool stuff is now here, including:

- HD Images! All images are now 1158x651, three times bigger than before!
- New platform! We're now on
Instagram as @SmashAdditions! We're also working on @GetVestlus@twitter.com support, so we'll be there when they open!

@sky Also, I saw you were considering something not too dissimilar, so I guess for non-web clients, you could just inject the announcements in the timeline periodically until they "hide" them with an interaction, like a fav, that, if possible, doesn't get put into the master fav list.

Note: I have messed with ActivityPub as a standard, but not with Mastodon's code. Masto could make such a fix too difficult to implement...

@sky This would require making yiff.life's fork of Masto even more distinct, but you could look into a bar on top of the main interface that only disappears if the user closes it, kinda like how Discord does it for integration and whatnot. In theory, it doesn't seem too difficult, but I don't know how much adding some custom HTML and a localStorage entry to the index would break Masto. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@crushv The thought of this alone is making me scream.

@Sir_Boops Oh, it's also down. I should fix that.

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