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if you are planning to use Freedombone to set up a Pleroma instance, please be aware that Freedombone have extensively modified the default configuration, to among other things, use an arbitrary domain whitelist.

their default configuration limits you to a list of extremely arbitrary instances, including stuff like “” which is exactly what you think it is.

every single mainstream Pleroma instance is not present on their allowlist, and many mainstream Mastodon instances are also not present on their allowlist. it appears to be derived from the maintainer’s personal instance whitelist.

because of this, we do not suggest using Freedombone’s packaging of Pleroma. these changes have not been reviewed by the Pleroma developers and we would never ship a configuration with an arbitrary whitelist as default.


if you want an alternative method for setting up Pleroma easily, look at @cloud who do not impose broken defaults on you.

masto admin block notice 

@hunter I understand the panic and personally hate Gab because of my own past experiences with them, but I don't think they should be deplatformed or blocked by default or anything (or Gab doing similar to Masto instances). However, I wouldn't be shocked if stuff like that happens.

Instances should block Gab if they feel it is necessary, but I hope @admin doesn't unless Gab tries to plan a riot against my home instance. While blocking is an expression of free speech, I rather be the one initiating the block, not a higher party.

My ideals of being pro-free-speech, my hatred for Gab's community, and my desire for ActivityPub to be more widely adopted all seem to come into conflict with this Gab situation tbh.

@hunter Gab is a social network site created by Andrew Torba, who is famous for being kicked out the YC incubator for his political views. Their platform is currently famous for being a "safe haven" for right-wing extremists. Gab is currently re-writing their site off of Mastodon's source code so it can federate with the Fediverse under the guise of reducing censorship (Gab has been deplatformed. A. Lot.).

The concerns most are expressing are what their million-user platform will do when they join the Fediverse.

Gab has always been politicized by their creator (see:

@Ste1lar I was jesting.

I may or may not have went on a huge rant on my personal gripes against Gab on Birdsite last night and some of their stupider posts on their main Birdsite account.

@Ste1lar Stop leaking my private Birdsite posts!

That's good to hear. Hopefully Gab is a good open-source citizen at the very least.

@NekoSock It's a 33% increase according to Gab themselves, so they'll be a fourth of the entire Fediverse.

I hope the current clients won't be forced to censor against Gab. The browser analogy is pretty spot-on, but app stores haven't been exactly logical with Gab; a pretty vanilla Gab-owned browser was rejected for no reason iirc, but hopefully that's just because they used Gab branding.

@NekoSock I heard estimates that Gab will increase the size of the Fediverse by ~33%.

My gripes with Gab date all the way back when they were private. I tried it out because the idea of a mostly hands-off Twitter clone was interesting. After I decided to look around the rest of the platform, I realized that the platform had some really toxic content. I also continued to monitor's Twitter account, and it was clear that Gab was /actually/ an echochamber of the far-right.

While the Fediverse (may) weaken their echo-chamber (which is a good thing), Gab users, in my experience, are very stubborn and will argue their hardest to support stuff like conspiracy theories. One notable anecdote was of someone who thought the moon landing was faked, using out-of-context or "leaked" NASA documents as their main defense.

These are the kind of people we're getting. These aren't a couple of thousand racist assholes, but around a million. While not all of them will be horrible, and some will be worse than others, it will likely shift the general politics of the Fediverse, and given Gab's reputation, there will be a lot of muting right out of the gate, especially with the primary instance.

Also, this doesn't include what may happen when with the current clients on the App Store. Will they be forceful to censor Gab or face delet?

I'm honestly kinda shocked Gab decided to federate more openly.

There is already (at least) a Gab instance with a single user that sort-of is federating.

I foresee a schism where most Masto instances will block Gab instances, and most Gab instances will block Masto. Wouldn't be shocked if upstream on both ends do too.

My Masto client's beta expired. ;-;

TestFlight is weird.

@ocean Glad to be back, but hopefully I stick around lol.

wow i haven't been here in ages

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