Up to four items per table? I think not!

(Got those metadata tables to work with my Shitty ActivityPub Implementation™ with very little work, and [un]shockingly, you can add as many as you want if you tweak the metadata a bit.)

Made a simple NodeJS app that implements a very primitive ActivityPub implementation.

- Unlimited "fake" users
- Users with profile images, banners that federate properly.
- Filled-in name and bio

More technical feature list:
- WebFinger implementation
- Generates a fake actor on every WebFinger query
- Actor is pre-filled with random profile icon/banner (via remote domain), name, and bio.

It's written in NodeJS and while it lacks any form of interaction (ie posts, a functional inbox, and *real* follows, to name a few), it was done from scratch with only NodeJS, Express, and my knowledge on the ActivityPub spec.


@absturztaube's Nekomimi Mode isn't compatible with Misskey's Nekomimi Mode and doesn't federate from the looks of it.

Gab: Satire 

nani the fuck

Is Gab looking to isolate themselves?

Me: "I'm only rebooting this bot because Gab's on the Fediverse; fuck Gab."


Congrats on the flawless launch, @Andrew@gab.com!

J-Pop and iTunes oddities 

Some data on the instances used by those I follow, and by those that follow me.

If you want to mess around with this crappy script, it's available under MIT at the link below:


@Technowix Quick question: did the default Niu theme break for everyone? It seems a bit broken on my end (Safari).