Up to four items per table? I think not!

(Got those metadata tables to work with my Shitty ActivityPub Implementation™ with very little work, and [un]shockingly, you can add as many as you want if you tweak the metadata a bit.)

Made a simple NodeJS app that implements a very primitive ActivityPub implementation.

- Unlimited "fake" users
- Users with profile images, banners that federate properly.
- Filled-in name and bio

More technical feature list:
- WebFinger implementation
- Generates a fake actor on every WebFinger query
- Actor is pre-filled with random profile icon/banner (via remote domain), name, and bio.

It's written in NodeJS and while it lacks any form of interaction (ie posts, a functional inbox, and *real* follows, to name a few), it was done from scratch with only NodeJS, Express, and my knowledge on the ActivityPub spec.


@absturztaube's Nekomimi Mode isn't compatible with Misskey's Nekomimi Mode and doesn't federate from the looks of it.

Gab: Satire 

Truly Innovative.
Unheard of.
Never been done by anyone, ever.
Only the best from our Lord and Savior Cyber Jesus!!!1!

nani the fuck

Is Gab looking to isolate themselves?

Me: "I'm only rebooting this bot because Gab's on the Fediverse; fuck Gab."


Congrats on the flawless launch, @Andrew@gab.com!

J-Pop and iTunes oddities 

While trying to find some J-Pop on the US iTunes Store made me realize:

- The same song has two different entries because the record label just /had/ to make it Romaji in the West. Other records keep it in kana, so why?!

- Apple Music supports headers/banners for albums but literally nobody uses this feature. I checked the top charts, small and big artists alike, and older and brand-new songs alike. I only have seen it in use twice.

Some data on the instances used by those I follow, and by those that follow me.

If you want to mess around with this crappy script, it's available under MIT at the link below:


@Technowix Quick question: did the default Niu theme break for everyone? It seems a bit broken on my end (Safari).