@Shuga Doesn't look like it. Somewhere should have been a reference to niu.moe if I'm not mistaken

@necromancer You'd be correct. Also this is typical Gab behavior: add legacy Gab features but don't make them federate. Badges, groups, and now Quote-Gabs all don't federate.

Why? I don't think Gab really understands how federation works. They could add a quote-reference property in the status's JSON and read from it with some code tinkering, but they didn't. I can understand not federating Groups (that'll require thinking up an implementation), but quotes? It'll probably be trivial at this point.

Remember: their real goal wasn't to decentralize Gab. They wanted an app. I bet that's why their app store is so prevalent in the UI too, despite nobody using it more than a few times.

They'd need to understand JSON-LD first and JSON-LD is a piece of garbage

Also, if they just wanted to have an app, just implement the Mastodon API. It's not that hard. I implemented basic API functions (server-side) in one afternoon

To be fair, they wouldn't NEED to use a JSON-LD namespace (look at Misskey with their _misskey[whatever] properties) but it would be formally correct

@necromancer To be fair, Misskey is another mess of its own.

@necromancer I don't know if that crossed their mind. Also I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted people to stay in the "Gab network" and not venture outside of it because they are curious of what this "mastodon" thing is, end up liking it better than Gab, and switching.

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