@NekoSock It's a pictograph because :blobcatpeek: isn't a glyph in the Unicode spec.


🤔 is also a pictograph

An emoji is a pictograph that fulfils a certain function. It doesn't matter if they're in Unicode or not.

Even the image you posted call them emojis

@NekoSock I used "emoji" in that diagram because marketing teams have an addition to call everything an emoji.

@NekoSock And yeah, 🤔 is an emoji and a pictograph, just as a square is a rectangle.

I'm just picky about semantics, that's all.

@Shuga But the technical background doesn't really matter :x

Emojis are a form of communication, they are the idea of using pictographs to carry meaning beyond words.

No one can rule language. Although Unicode is a convenient standard, they do not have any right to be the only authority capable of creating emojis.

As long as you use an image inside a text to add meaning to it, that's an emoji. Because emojis are part of language, you can't say "that image is an emoji, and this one isn't".

There are even people creating other open emoji sets that go beyond Unicode, like Mutant Standard mutant.tech/, emojis are part of language and as such they cannot be controlled, they cannot be centralised.

@NekoSock Fair point. I am just an obsessive Unicode nerd.

Also, is that just an icon set or an emoji font? If it's the latter, that'll be cool because making emoji fonts are a pain in the ass for various reasons, even if you can manage to increase adoption.

@Shuga it's an icon set, it doesn't follow Unicode at all but has some of the most popular emojis.

It doesn't include a lot of "boring emojis", like those representing unremarkable daily life objects, while a lot of the new emojis it includes are more fantasy-based.

It also has a way wider selection for gender and sexual identity stuff, it allows hand emojis to be coloured arbitrarily (you can have a red 👌 if you want) and adds a cat paw and a claw modifier (which turns all hand emojis into caw paws or claw gestures respectively).

I wanted to use it to show people trying to make new emoji standards that go beyond Unicode and provide new ways to express yourself.

@NekoSock Yeah, it's a shame they haven't added all the Unicode-compliant codepoints though. It'll be nice to use that set as a main set.

They may be doing something like using Twemoji for what they haven't finished on their font version, idk.

@NekoSock Ok, this is cool; it seems like these can also be mapped to codepoints like real/non-social emoji. That is nice.

@Shuga Yeah, it's actually extremely popular on the fediverse. Mainly because it has a lot of emojis related to sexual orientations I think.

@NekoSock Yeah, I have seen the set on a lot of instances.

For me, my OS has an older emoji set, so I usually use third-party ones. My current set are just the outlines of the Twemoji set (Twemoji is FOSS and is pretty up-to-date). If I can get this set working natively on macOS, especially in color, it'll be super nice.

@Shuga I personally use the Google emojis, just because they work best on linux.

I think JoyPixels/EmojiOne is the best set, but it's not OSS. Twemoji is probably the best free set of emojis, but I think we could do better.

@NekoSock Finding macOS-compatible emoji fonts are annoying because half the time, SVGinOT fonts don't really like to work in macOS.

Also finally found out why my current emoji set is monochrome, so that's an added bonus.

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