A friendly reminder that Alex Jones is on the Fediverse.

@Shuga @RealAlexJones
Yea I just looked it up, I guess gab finally federated.

I guess I should be.. I dunno. I kind of face palmed when twitter political "refugees" moved to gab for free speech reasons when it's another centralized platform which gives it all the same problems that twitter does. But hey they federated so it's not as bad I guess?

I dunno :blobeyes:

@Solarinas Post replies still don't federate.

The push to Gab to federate is meaningless unless they actually encourage the use of other instances, which they don't (making their claim that they can't be shut down bullshit). They really just moved to Mastodon to get some apps on the App Store tbh. Everything else, including federation, is pretty much a bonus side-effect.

@Shuga Ah that makes a lot of sense. I never really liked Gab tbh cause it never really solves the problem that it's claiming to be solving.

A shame that their federation is half-assed

@Solarinas Gab sounds like a good idea on paper (the idea being of a moderation-light, non-advertisement-centric social network), but it really is just a echo-chamber for the far right. This is obvious after a week on Gab.

I have been keeping tabs on Gab for a while now since they're funny to mock and I want to see how bad they fuck up federation.

Also, pardon my hubris, but there's a decent chance I know more about ActivityPub than everyone else on Gab except maybe for their lead developer.

@Shuga Being a far right echo chamber is most certainly the most off-putting thing about Gab

@Solarinas I just don't like echo-chambers period. I intentionally try to not enter an echo-chamber (caused by algorithms or otherwise), because it is a lot easier to reaffirm ones world-views than to face them being challenged.

Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home 

@sylveon The only good Alex Jones-like character runs The Daily Bugle and is played by J.K. Simmons.

and isn't real

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