Is down for anyone?

Temporarily reactivated to inquire.

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This is the new primary account for @Shuga.

Other socials:

Birdsite: @HeyItsShuga Snoosite: /u/HeyItsShuga

RIP Niu. My migration information will be posted soon. By the way, Gab's Repost icon is broken in some browsers (Safari) because the alt="retweet" in the icon. Idk why, it just is. Could be an ad-blocker (uBlock Origin).

Changing it to alt="repost" will fix this issue.

Cheap fix:

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@daisuke @druid IP over Avian Carriers
In computer networking, IP over Avian Carriers (IPoAC) is a proposal to carry Internet Protocol (IP) traffic by birds such as homing pigeons. IP over Avian Carriers was initially described in RFC 1149, a Request for Comments (RFC) issued by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), written by D. Waitzman, and released on April 1, 1990. It is one of several April Fools' Day Request for Comments.

What OS do you prefer? :tux:

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@kakol @nerthos @yogthos google did not like existing formats/encoders, so they made their own format, said that it's n% more efficient and has all those cool features and shit even if there are other formats for those purposes, and just added it to Chrome and their products.

eventually some other websites looking into trying to boost loading times by another millisecond or so started using it, then users started using it because they download the image without converting it, then people on Firefox and other browsers started complaining that webp doesn't work, then browsers ended up supporting it.

@SmashAdditions has more Twitter followers than Mastodon.


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A quirk of copyright law means that millions of books are now free for anyone to read, thanks to some work from the New York Public Library. 🎉

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I don't know the exact source of the bug, but Mast 2: Electric Boogaloo has this bug where I have to restart the app when I switch accounts.


@NekoSock It's a pictograph because :blobcatpeek: isn't a glyph in the Unicode spec.

That app name tho 👌

I'm using a custom Mast fork with an upped character limit and reducing the Gab block to a warning screen.

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Shuga boosted is updated to latest master! New user-facing things:

You can load more search results, you can use "phrase match" in search and exclude words or phrases by prepending a minus; new users see a minimal UI and are able to change their e-mail before confirming e-mail/getting approved; autosuggestions for hashtags show up and show how much each tag has been used in the past week; probably other stuff I forgot

Other: is also now no longer compatible with OStatus

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