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¿ Olive ? @SarcasmKid@niu.moe

My secret is that I'm actually the Prime minister of Australia

@SarcasmKid the real secret is that australia is a lie, and it's actually a collection of tunnels under new zealand

@SarcasmKid are you revealing your secret because you didn't want to pay the fine or are you revealing it to avoid paying the fine to yourself?

@SarcasmKid 🤔 but that's like having two contraddicting paradoxes, generating a third

@SarcasmKid no not yay, not yay, that's bad, that's really bad, if an Olivia dies another one shall take her place, we can't have another Olivia streaming Mario 64, Sunshine or Donkey Kong.

@_HellPie dw there's 1000000 clones of me ready to take my place

@SarcasmKid but none of them will be you, none of them will ever become one with Kizuna, you know the prophecy, once you start gazing into the AI, nobody else will ever be able to.