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¿ Olive ? @SarcasmKid@niu.moe

We live in a time where they have to tell people not to eat fucking tide pods. niu.moe/media/rECbsJX7Ig-8Xycz

@sarcasmkid you want me to take a video of inserting something into my ass?

@rye @SarcasmKid if you eat them you gain magical powers

@sarcasmkid allow those with hunger for laundry pods to freely indulge themselves -- the problem will take care of itself imo.
@awg @sarcasmkid @mike A small number of adults always did do things like swallow cleaning compounds or use electrical devices in wet conditions. And when I mention those, I'm talking about obvious "never do this" common-sense acts, not something that requires industry-specific knowledge.

The difference today is that in USA, the person's relatives will misuse the court system to punish the company for the result of the (now-dead) person's bad choices.

Obviously, very young children do not know better, but they also do not read warning labels.
@lnxw48a1 @mike @sarcasmkid ah, yes -- i do forget how hotly litigious some people in the USA are.  and those "do good" shams that seem to be the bulk of class action suits.  it's pretty disgusting.

@SarcasmKid *every character from every meme comes in for a huge party in front of a giant “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner and all the hors d’ouvres are tide pods*