@SarcasmKid How dare people own the fucking products they buy

@Ocean22 @SarcasmKid they're saying that because the real problem is people aren't upgrading their phones every year

they lost $9 billion on those 1200 shitphones

@cdmnky @SarcasmKid No one needs to upgrade every fucking year, they are aiming for a thing that is unrealisitic

@cdmnky @SarcasmKid Dude I used my fucking eMachines Desktop for about 8 god damn years and it was fine, portables have a smaller life span obviously but 4 years should be, like, minimum

@cdmnky @SarcasmKid I hate dealing with small parts and small shit it's a pain in the ass, I love working with desktops though

@Ocean22 @SarcasmKid yeah, small parts are bad

laptops are horrible

my dad had to replace a surface pro battery with a heat gun and melted the screen in the process

the shop never repaired microsoft laptops again

@cdmnky @Ocean22 @SarcasmKid laptops are pretty miserable just because they're just poorly designed. i much prefer working on phones

@Ocean22 @cdmnky @SarcasmKid as someone who repairs phones a a job, it is very fun

we play tekken

@Ocean22 @cdmnky @SarcasmKid what ever happened to emachines? i remember seeing them everywhere and then one day i just stopped seeing them around

@woodcat @cdmnky @SarcasmKid

eMachines was the greatest PC prebuilt company ever
They were bought out by Acer sometime ago, and discontinued
The market demographic for eMachines is quickly shrinking and honestly it was wise to retire the brand

eMachines were targeted at the Casual home computer user
Like your mom or dad, or grandma and grandpa

That demographic now mostly uses tablets or phones

@woodcat @cdmnky @SarcasmKid I'm really into eMachines so I read a lot about this..

@Ocean22 @cdmnky @SarcasmKid lol makes sense. i think i must have had one of the close relatives of an emachines computer from acer as my first computer (which i inherited from my sister)

@Ocean22 @woodcat @SarcasmKid yeah, my grandparents LOVED their emachine and used it till it broke
it lasted a decade, and they decided that they didn't like the internet and got rid of it

now they have antenna TV and my grandfather's work phone

@cdmnky @woodcat @SarcasmKid

I've done a few repairs on my eMachines, but all in all it's the most reliable PC I've ever owned

@cdmnky @woodcat @SarcasmKid Been going strong for a decade now, and still works

@Ocean22 @SarcasmKid @cdmnky @woodcat I used to have a handed down eMachines computer!! It had 128mb RAM and a 1GHz CPU :D

@woodcat @cdmnky @SarcasmKid

I used my eMachines for gayming back in the day though
I read many visual novels, played lots of minecraft, countless indie games, and older games too
Beat Portal for the first time on it, and played though all of Morrowind
All though the power of eMachines!

@woodcat @cdmnky @SarcasmKid

I build the PC I use now myself
Picked all the hardware out and put the fucker together, I've repaired it myself many times and even upgraded parts

But even with all of that, I don't love it as much as that old Machines I got on that beautiful spring day in 2009.

@Ocean22 @cdmnky @SarcasmKid i have had incredible luck with reliability in computer hardware, which is to say that things break within 24 hours of me putting in a new part anyways.

except for my current motherboard actually, i need to do a big upgrade soon and replace it but i don't want to spend the money ;-;

@Ocean22 @cdmnky @SarcasmKid 2 years is the minimum to avoid being considered scam

@cobalto @cdmnky @SarcasmKid If I was expected to replace my computer 2 years after I bought it, I'd be fucking pissed

@Ocean22 @cdmnky @SarcasmKid that's why it's called smartphone and not that-super-compact-desktop-that-I-keep-on-my-pocket-whatever-I-go also, they work on much more break prone conditions than computers. Finally, I said at least 2 years as a minimum, right? I know some people that would break a block of stone if mobile were just a plain block of stone :blobglare:

@Ocean22 @SarcasmKid yup
meanwhile motorola's selling parts for all their phones and giving service support for three years after release

@Ocean22 @cdmnky @SarcasmKid you should use the real OTA communication system ✉️🕊️

@alphakamp @SarcasmKid @cdmnky For the price of their shitty underpowered phone you could build a top of the line gay ming PC

So apple discovers what carmakers knew decades ago: planned obsolescence.

I'm happy to be a part of the Apple problems... Keep bringing me your iPhones I will repair them all!
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