I wonder how normal people feel about someone called "succfemboi" interacting with them.

@SarcasmKid One thing I love about fedi is how it smashes together loads of different people into interaction, I keep getting lefties following me for my fuck modernity/fuck money/let society burn to the ground posts and then they see me posting about how the holocaust never happened
@tija @DetectiveHyde @SarcasmKid >fuck modernity
normalfagz see this, and miraculously fail to see this as ((burn normalfagz without regret)). this is why they're normalfagz ...
@DetectiveHyde @tija @SarcasmKid I posit Ms @rye is no normalfag ... some years from now, rye will wake up to her latent power level and bury the 5,999,999.
@awg @tija @SarcasmKid @rye she likes splatoon and stuff so she's not a full-blown normie, she's yet to awaken to her true destiny of playing La Mulana and emerging hardcore
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