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Oliv-AI 🔥 @SarcasmKid@niu.moe

My dad works for Minecraft and told me that in the next update you can play as mario

Is there any fediverse creepypasta?

It'll be YEARSSSS before you can face me kid.

Whom'st've been on my computer

Princess peach? More like princess speech ahahahahahahhahaha

I need to speak to the chad around these parts

They call it cheesecake because it's a cake made out of cheese 😊

They call them pancakes because they are cakes you make in a pan :)

You know what they say about camping.

It's intense.

"I'll have a little nap before dinner" sleep for 10 hours.

"Lobster is from the frigging ocean my dude"

Matty Matheson is my favourite chef.

"You can never be too classy to eat tha assy"

Everyone must have sideburns by the year 2021

Introducing people to pork scratchings is my favourite hobby