got my drivers license bitches

mario 3d all stars is cool and all, but it seems that at least 2 of the games are better off on emulator. mario galaxy's reliance on motion might be a bitch to do on pc though

driving test on friday. i hope i dont fuck it up

im hearing political ads on the youtube homepage? there's not even a video around, it's just the audio playing from no where

played an online melee tournament today, and i didn't do half bad. feels good to compete again.
fuck, i want irl tournaments back

man, i never realized how fucking good Rayman Origins is

sonic games are on sale on steam TODAY ONLY
price cuts go as far as 95 percent
i got Generations, CD, Mania, and Adventure 2 Battle for a grand total of about 15 bucks
this shit's wild

some madman just made Melee with rollback netcode. the game is fucking saved

why is falling asleep so damn hard

my sleep schedule is all kinds of fucked

man, Naughty Dog REALLY should've treated their employees better

some dude on fightcade tried to talk to me about traps during our games

who the fuck thought to use Cooking Mama to mine cryptocurrency off of people's Switches

uh oh, i ran out of PS+. im gonna have to make the perilous journey to 7/11 to see if they have any playstation store cards

i haven't had chocolate milk in too long

Pro tip: Trying to get your hands on some groceries but someone's looking to take your prize? Just start coughing violently. No one's gonna want to get in your way

no job, no school, I can stay in the basement while the world falls apart. It's a good time to be a NEET

With this nasty virus running around, it's a good time to be a NEET

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