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Yeah sure I guess I can open this.
It's AMA 24/7 time!

What are the odds I'll get even a single question a month?

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EoV: Caroline

A woman from scarletts past returns...

The Reflections Arc Approaches Quickly

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Okay let's call this Masto early access.

Anime Assault Starlight Episode 1:

Seriously we are in pretty big need for warm bodies, We're open to most homebrew classes and species

No experience required, no cost to play. If you wanna learn pathfinder 1st edition well why not join in?

Hey I got a Pathfinder group LGBT friendly in desperate need of warm bodies to fill out a group

I'll say it most of the coolest stuff in star wars has little or nothing to do with the force.

EoV Updated!

Scarlett goes to visit her sister!

it goes about as well as it could have.

TOR has asked me to use a one time password three times during setup... ohboy

Last time I played grinding was very minimal because they had drastically reduced the EXP need to help people level alts

like heres the thing about TOR it never made me feel that bad about playing solo

My experience with Destiny 2 made me miss playing The Old Republic.

At least that gave me coherent storylines to follow

I mean when my first quest outside the tutorial was "get to gear level xxx" and thats it? I'm not feeling great about playing.

You know since I know they redid the NPE recently you think they would have done a better job of it.

I played destiny 2 for like... 45 minutes had no idea what I was doing or why so I shut the game off.

Getting the suspicion that the staff at this cafe know me as "that person who keeps asking for the printed menu instead of the tablet". :blobthinking:​

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