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Yeah sure I guess I can open this.
It's AMA 24/7 time!

What are the odds I'll get even a single question a month?

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EoV: Caroline

A woman from scarletts past returns...

The Reflections Arc Approaches Quickly

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Okay let's call this Masto early access.

Anime Assault Starlight Episode 1:

my precious angel baby surprised me with a pet-my-belly claw-and-teeth-grapple attack, I'm shook to the core

Gosh darnit why am I hungry again, I only just ate 6 hours ago.

... oh. 😐

Starco needs to go in the bin. We're gonna put it there bury it in the yard where it well never hurt anyone ever again.

This has been a public service announcement.

My system is notorious bad at overclocking and becomes unstable basically immediately probably better to keep it as base clock.

I was worried I accidentally HAD turned my motherboard to scrap but I think it was just the changes I made to the BIOS

Okay I think the bluescreen issue is good. I was having some issues after the rebuild but I think that was system instability caused by bad overclocking resetting to optimized defaults has been stable so far.

You ever just... get an itch to build a computer?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of building a computer yourself and watching it finally POST

My fitbit has seen to congratulate me on climbing 10 floors while... seated in front of my pc....






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