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Yeah sure I guess I can open this.
It's AMA 24/7 time!

What are the odds I'll get even a single question a month?

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EoV: Caroline

A woman from scarletts past returns...

The Reflections Arc Approaches Quickly

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Okay let's call this Masto early access.

Anime Assault Starlight Episode 1:

anyone looking for some extra cash? if you can assemble video or feel like being a writing aide I have some cash for ya.

Judy Hopps talking about wanting to make the world a better place but then she becomes a cop.

So which is it, Judy? Which is it?

The problem with LGBT characters in video games is that there aren't enough of them

I woke up to someone slowly starting a gas-powered edge trimmer directly beneath my window. Then it caught and they start revving it. So it was a little annoying.

Then a gas-powered lawn mower started immediately after that. Ok, fine. Kinda loud.

Then something - I-don’t-know-WHAT - started its engine too. A loud, lopey, almost-diesel-sounding two-stroke that had to have been farm equipment.

And as best I could tell, they all went off in different directions.

And then the fumes came...

I have been slowly transforming my room into a disco.

I've installed leds on the back of my monitor. its rainbow-y now

but you shouldn't be because that is exactly what I called it

nobody should put watermelon pop rocks in a rice crispy treat but I DID so you're suprised

My new recipe is done I call it watermelon suprise!

its a rice crispy treat that tastes like watermelon

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