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Okay let's call this Masto early access.

Anime Assault Starlight Episode 1:

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No I will not let that go how hard is it to export at 30 FPS really??

I assume this also means you've failed to address the issues with character, plot, the anemic and often groan worthy humor.

....why did this thing get a second season? hell with the blatant technical issues I'm shocked netflix allowed it to go up at all.

When RWBY season one had smoother animation than you you show might just be BROKEN.

Good job dragon prince you had MONTHS and managed to fix 0% of the janky animation issues you had in season 1.

The more things stay the same.

We now return you to the adventure of Rasp - The Disabled 30yo college dropout nobody loves.

life can distract you but don't forget to ask the important questions like. What IS Rasp and why am I so attracted?

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