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EoV: Caroline

A woman from scarletts past returns...

The Reflections Arc Approaches Quickly

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Okay let's call this Masto early access.

Anime Assault Starlight Episode 1:

You have a crush on me yet you've said nothing.

As a follow up to Banana Grammar, I found some Burger Grammar:

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I'm having one of those weeks where a few bad experiences have really left me feeling vulnerable and self conscious. I kinda wanna retreat into a box until things blow over.

I've been agonizing over which primary love interest to adopt with Azure Ink and I'm still not sure which way to go with it.

1. An similarly aged that is not super conventional but has conventional roots

2. An older character that defies conventions in a potentially risky way

I don't think this is just me projecting my own terrible body image either.

I can barely stand looking at my own feet for any length of time. I just can't handle it. they are weird and gross. not just mine all feet. stop wearing open toe shoes I don't care how cute you think the pedicure you got is.

I know when I walked into the office of the one I went to the only thing I could think about was "how in the hell does this guy stay sane while looking at the bare feet of strangers all day?"

I don't know what kind of psyche it takes to wanna become a podiatrist but I'm glad they exist.

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