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Yeah sure I guess I can open this.
It's AMA 24/7 time!

What are the odds I'll get even a single question a month?

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EoV: Caroline

A woman from scarletts past returns...

The Reflections Arc Approaches Quickly

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Okay let's call this Masto early access.

Anime Assault Starlight Episode 1:


You know when they adapted Citrus into an anime I kinda expected they'd do the ONE scene that would make it worthwhile.

Seriously if you havn't seen Gatchaman Crowds go do it. Seriously if only because there really isn't anything else like it.

I forgot how weird and disjointed Crowds is. I feel like with a bit more polish it could have been amazing. Its still enjoyable and its patchwork style is in keeping with... well everything about crowds.

been getting more scam bot on Niu and I don't like it

Rewatching Gatchaman Crowds because why not?

I have a fond memory from the video game Okami, where you play as a Goddess taking the form of a wolf. At some point you meet a minor character called Yatsufusa, who has failing vision but who claims to be able to "see things as they really are" using his "sixth sense". I scoffed at the claim.

He then stated, "You are a very pretty young girl", and for a moment I felt like this character in a video game had just stared straight into my soul.

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