I finally made a new account at @Rakou before niu shuts down. I knew I had to do it last night because otherwise the new PoE league coming out today would distract me until it was too late. I'll have to try and follow everyone I follow on that account at some point, but it might be hard to do while at work :blobcatnervous:

Last night I had an old co-worker message me and say she's been thinking of me and hopes I'm doing good. Honestly that felt weirdly nice, because I don't think I've ever had anyone tell me they've been thinking of me before. I've always just assumed no one really ever does, much less women that know me.

People have been shitting on Wolcen real hard since release and I don't get the pure hatred they seem to have. I've been playing with a couple friends since the servers came up Sunday, and I've been enjoying myself.

Like, it definitely has issues and deserves some criticism, but the rage people are having seems overblown. I've seen people saying it's a dumpster fire, garbage, devs are scam artists, etc. But I think all the problems it has can be fixed. There seems to be a solid base for this game, and I hope the devs can fix the issues it currently has and then start building on it.

It's 60°F (16°C) before the sun even comes up today. Tonight it's supposed to be just below freezing and snowing. This has been a really weird winter.

These are the kinds of conversations that Minecraft modpacks create.

Started playing Minecraft over the weekend, and a couple friends and I decided to share a base. I'm considered "the magic person" because out of everyone that plays in our group I'm the only one that really every gets into the magic mods.

So I'm thinking this time, since people are living with me, I'm going all out on making it look like I'm a demon worshipping occultist. I'll begin with Bewitchment, which already uses what looks like a sacrificial altar, so that seems like a strong start.

It's probably a problem that my friends always all go to bed before me, but I'm the one that has to wake up the earliest out of all of us.

So I need to go to the store. Quit out of MHW, was talking myself into it...then I heard a truck in front of my house doing weird shit. Looked and saw a semi with a trailer that had a tree trimming truck on it was trying to pull down the side road that I take to leave my house. Dude got stuck. Cop showed up and asked him what the hell he was doing.

So I didn't go to the store tonight. Neat.

MHW ranting 

I started rewatching Blue Exorcist again a few days ago. I have a problem with that anime where if I watch one episode then I'm probably going to be watching like...5 episodes. So last night I just said screw it and watched the last couple of episodes I had left in the first season before Kyoto Saga, then went ahead and watched all of Kyoto Saga.

Hopefully now I can go back to my current routine of watching one episode of something while I eat then playing MHW.

There was also a point where a Rathalos looked like it just froze in mid air and fell, which I laughed at for a bit.

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So one night over the weekend I was doing a couple of solo things after my friend went to bed, and I accidentally killed a monster by hitting it with the clutch claw. Twice.

Probably the best exchange last night while playing MHW

Me: "Oh...Shit."
Friend: "What?"
Me: "I think I'm going to have to remember how to play."

It's just funny because I recklessly went on the quest to get to the new Iceborne camp without any preparation, and in the middle of one of the cutscenes it dawned on me I haven't really played in probably over a year and I'm about to have to fight something. Luckily I played mostly hammer before I stopped so it was pretty easy to get back into the swing of things.

We're going in to mid-January and it's 50°F and raining in the early morning. What is even happening. I mean I like it, but I'm scared that we might end up with winter weather going crazy late this year.

And by hunt some monsters I mean wait for this 40GB game to download while I eat something. But after that...Hoo boy I can't wait to die a lot in some snow.

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Finally home from work so now it's time to HUNT SOME MONSTERS. WOOOOOOOOOOO

I finished A Plague Tale last night. I thought it was a good game overall, but there's a plot point or two that I find confusing.

I'm really happy I managed to finish both that and Control over the past week. I feel like I haven't finished any games in months.

This is one of the many reasons going to work so early that it's still dark is a terrible idea and shouldn't be a thing.

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